Outback Truck Race




    Outback Truck Race is one of the deadliest act of a driver that is continually increasing. It is a crime and and it will get you in big trouble pursuing this job. But it never get tastier to criminals adding those machine guns on the hood and exterminating any obstacles in the street.

    Outback Truck Race is a fast paced endless shooting and racing game where you have to race and destroy all incoming enemies and avoid getting killed by crashing to them. Use those nitro to boost up speed extremely fast than any cars out there. But get even more when you catch those power ups that are limited when they come and bust those way up more even extremely crazier than you are driving as insanely fast.

    This all new awesome game features some really cool stuff:
    *Great game play, sounds and graphics?
    *Awesome fast paced action?
    *Special IAP Novice Mode - Use this IAP to play with out dying!

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