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    Do you usually park your car like a pro’ in real life? It makes absolutely no difference once you start playing Pro Parking on your Android phone, you should know that! Whether you’re super skillful at parking your vehicle like a professional or you’re way, too, lousy, a true menace for all the other drivers unfortunate enough to have their cars parked near yours, the challenge in this free parking game is equally engaging!

    Now don’t just rush in to take the first car parking test, for… you have no car to park, at least not until you haven’t picked one from all the beauties you have there. I’m talking here about the Ferrari 458, about the Bugatti, Veyron and last, but surely not least, about the Hummer H2. Pretty hard to make up your mind? No wonder, for from all the car parking games available for Android, this one no doubt features some of the most amazing cars! If you allow a small piece of advice: don’t be so reckless as to choose the available van, for you can’t imagine the nightmare you’ll be going through trying to park such a large vehicle. Once you've made up your mind, using the little arrows on your screen guide your driver to the wanted car.

    It’s now that you can rush in towards your parking lot! It won’t be that easy getting there and it won’t be at all easy parking your car exactly in the designated zone either. For driving your car, simply use the same arrow keys, following the arrow marks there, on the road. For using your car’s brakes, simply click the space bar. As simple as that, it does not differ a lot, from this point of view, from other parking games 2013 that you might have downloaded on your Android phone! Still, don’t think that it will be easy! The first challenge: getting out of the parking lot where your super car is already parked, without crashing it into the other two neighboring vehicles you have there. Then, you have all those pedestrians swarming on the pavement, and you do know what running over them would mean, don’t you? Also, you have other sideways parked cars, too, that you need to avoid, tricky curves to handle and so on. It’s all about car driving skills and not at all about speed, although you need to keep in mind that there is a time limit, too. It’s all about reaching the parking lot and about keeping your on-screen jaw-dropping car intact, too, for you wouldn't want to scratch your Ferrari or cause even the slightest damage to your Bugatti now would you? Since it’s one of those free parking games that reward you with the chance of driving some utterly spectacular super cars, make sure you don’t waste this chance by destroying them from the very first 3 minutes! Once you reach the parking lot, pass your final test as a true professional driver and try “squeezing” your car in there. Not even one inch of your car should be left outside the designated parking lot, otherwise all the efforts you will have put for getting there will be in vain!

    If you think you’re a true pro’ behind the wheel, prove it, taking some pro’ parking tests enjoying one of the truly car driving-skills challenging car parking games! Drive various types of cars, try different car parking scenarios, on your smart phone, without running even the smallest risk of getting yourself hurt or of getting a real driving fine.

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