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    Is there a daredevil, a true “adrenaline on two wheels”addict there, trapped inside you? Well, then how about bringing him out tempting him with a great, super challenging: Sahara Biker, that will put his bike driving skills to the ultimate tests where else if not in one of the most unfriendly, roughest environments on earth: the Sahara dessert!

    3...2..1... Go! Cross the dessert on your two wheeled beauty and do your best to reach the finish line within the given time or, if possible, much, much quicker! Once on that fierce two wheeled-beast, the urge of reaching maximum speed will get over you, that's certain! Still, don't surrender to it completely, for those bumpy sand dunes, those obstacles along the dessert track, such as long time forgotten car wrecks, all those high platforms that you'll have to jump from, will require complete control over your motorbike, you know! Speed is one of the goals to go for, like in many other motorbike racing games that you've definitely tried so far, since it's important to impose your supremacy as a biker in that vast dessert, bur not the only goal, for excessive speed might lead to massive bike damage. Put all the efforts to control your vehicle, challenge your reaction times to click the left or right arrow there, on you touchscreen, with the speed of light, for it will take just one second, once you jump off a super high platform on a smaller sand dune, to completely destroy your motorcycle if you're not quick enough to balance it. As you'll soon realize, this is one of those free motorbike games which challenges not just your ability to reach mind-blowing speed on two wheels, but your driving skills,as well!

    The better you become, the more abrupt those rocky platforms will get, but the more powerful, upgraded motorbikes you get to ride, since each level comes with a brand new vehicle. Pretty cool, right? This upgrade is that type of feature that easily differentiates common driving sessions from addictive motorcycle games,, don't you agree?You get to unlock them as you manage to get to the finish line on time, with your vehicle intact, after you've passed by deadly dangers and you've overcome lots of mortal obstacles. Not any reckless, daring biker could make it in the Sahara dessert, that's for sure, but you're one who easily stands out from the crowd and this sure is not one of those dull, boring free motorbike games available for Android, right? It won't be long till you become one with your on-screen motorbike, until you instinctively manage to balance it while still up in the air, once after you've jumped off one of those super high rocks there, until you effortlessly manage to ride over those obstacles left all along the dessert circuit, easily unlocking new and new jaw-dropping motorbikes.

    So, are you ready to unleash that bold, reckless driver inside you, playing this adrenaline-loaded motorbike game? Then take the challenges prepared for you in the Sahara Biker challenge and see how much you could survive, on two wheels, in the Sahara dessert!

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