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    Published: 2014-05-19, by Janel.

    Mario Kart-esque space pod racing on alien planets

    • Over 40 detailed 3D alien worlds
    • Simple Mario Kart-style racing
    • Only one track of music
    • An option to take damage and amp up the difficulty would be fun

    "Galaxial speed demons"

    Do you have a need for speed... and space? You, my friend, are in luck. 3DGames' Space Racing 3D combines these two elements and sets them to a bumpin' techno beat.

    The detailed 3D renderings of various alien worlds are the highlight here; place in the top three each time you hit the track to gain access to more levels - over 40 in all - including space stations and union ships. Upgrade your spacecraft with crystals that you gather while zipping around the track. Leaderboards keep things nice and competitive. Controls - either via on-screen buttons or tilting - are simple and super responsive. Collect (or purchase) items to give you an edge, like shields, attack rockets, and speed boosts.

    Gameplay feels quite a bit like Mario Kart, which isn't a bad thing. It's super simple racing with the power to take out your opponents with projectiles (no blue shell, though). Hitting the walls will cause a serious decrease in velocity, but you can't take damage or crash. That might actually be a fun option to be able to turn on; I'm envisioning the cogs and baubles of your totaled space racer floating away in zero-G....

    3DGames' Space Racing 3D is a high-quality, simple, fun racing game. Vrooooom!

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    May 19, 2014


    Space Racing 3D is a unique star-space racing game!

    Upgrade special aircrafts, burn up the space with the fastest and most exhilarating racing action!

    Space Racing features:
    - 40+ interstellar race tracks
    - Stunning 3D graphics and effects
    - 3 racing modes: Career, Chase, Survival
    - 6 different aircrafts to choose and upgrade

    How to play:
    1. Tilt or Touch to steer
    2. Touch boost button to speed up
    3. Touch missile button to attack
    4. Touch shield button for defense
    5. Finish in top 3 to unlock new race tracks
    6. Earn cash to buy new spacecraft and powerful props

    Free to join in Space Racing 3D. Start your own STAR RACE!



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