Spooky Surfers the Zombie Run




    Dracula is mad, and you must escape! Do you dare to brave Spooky Surfers - the Zombie Run?

    For years, Dracula has trapped you inside of his castle - and now it’s your chance to escape!

    Oh no! Dracula has learnt of your daring escape, he has sent his fastest and most loyal guards to hunt you down... and they are right behind you!

    Play as our heroic zombie as he escapes Dracula’s evil grasp! Help our courageous zombie escape from his horrible nightmare by running through the foggy streets, trying to avoid Dracula’s deadly and dangerous crew!

    Dash through the streets but beware of obstacles that will lead to your demise! Run as fast as you can in the spookiest adventure yet! You have no time to waste, so hold onto your hat, as this zombie will be going places... places far away from Transylvania!

    This daring chase will leave you on the edge of your seat - will you be caught, or will you live to see another day... or night? Collect skulls along the way, and run as fast as your zombie feet can take you!

    Don’t worry though: along the way you will find awesome power-ups that will put you one step ahead of Dracula’s men!

    Earn points as you run endlessly, but watch out: the pace will pick-up and you will be required to dodge and slide faster than ever before!

    Play everywhere you go - on the subway, in the car or even at 36,000 feet! There are no limit to where Spooky Surfers will take you!

    So - join this spooky adventure and don’t look back! Dracula is after you in Spooky Surfers - the Zombie Run!

    - Run through the graveyard, streets and other creepy places!
    - Relive your worst nightmare as Dracula’s men chase after you!
    - Play as a brave zombie as he escapes Dracula’s evil grasp!
    - Beware of dangerous obstacles and make sure you collect the precious skulls!
    - Gain score multipliers to beat your highscore!

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