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    Published: 2014-03-11, by Peter Warrior.

    A stunt racing game

    • Fun for fun's sake
    • Free, (really) ad-supported
    • Needs to improve technical performance
    • Needs more incentives and options and stuff

    "C'mon, Steve! Nobody dared before!"

    Stuntman Steve is a game about ferociously drive a car through a linear road stuffed with ramps and loops and fire rings. If you go so fast, you'll crash. If you go too slow, you'll crash. If you were asking what that turbo button does, you'll crash.

    If you haven't crashed when you reach the end line, you can spend your coins in stuff. You know how it works, it's the circle of life and it crashes us all.

    Technically speaking, game is just slightly above average. 3D graphics are little rendered without textures at all, and animations are rough and unpolished. Sound is something that reminds of a car's roar if you have enough imagination.

    The best part is that every play lasts for less than ten seconds, though it means that game mechanics are often limited to trial and error. It's fun, but the main incentive of this game: this is, crashes, could be far more elaborated to make it more interesting. Go ahead, give it a go, but in the end it's a simple game with simple results we can't help but hope it gets improved and enhanced in all areas in next updates.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Mar 11, 2014


    Stuntman Steve is Evel Kneivel with cars. A crazy stuntman who performs crazy dangerous tricks just for your entertainment! Now experience the ultimate thrill of performing high-speed, daredevil stunts.

    START YOUR ENGINES - real stunt racing is here!

    Become Stuntman Steve and race at full speed as you are rocketing along never-ending stunt tracks. Try to be the fastest and improve your previous records. Enjoy high speed jumps and perform exhilarating tricks to please the crowd. Use your turbo boost to navigate perilous loops and avoid TNT obstacles. Enjoy the thrill of a true stuntman as you collect coins to buy new stunttracks and vehicles.

    Get ready to rev your engine as you prepare to make endless stunt combos in this free game featuring true 3D graphics and smooth and easy to use controls.

    This latest edition covers Google Play integration allowing you to compete with friends! For more exciting titles please check

    Time to draw attention as you make wicked stunts and race with high speed. 1, 2, 3 rev it up and make the next stunt count

    This is easy to learn game (app)… Use the drive button to power-up your engine and the turbo button to get a burst of extra power. No slingshot other tricky controls required, just use the buttons and get ready to make cool stunts.

    Future plans (updates)
    We are looking to add new features to the game. The list of ideas include:
    + New vehicles; including: stock car, kart / karts, bike bikes, GP cars, Offroad dirt cars
    + Nitro / turbo upgrades for your vehicles!
    + New tracks/levels
    ~ Bikini car wash world
    ~ Extreme speed highway - super fast driving action
    ~ Construction site with forklift obstacles and other forklifting challenge like stuff
    ~ Crazy roller coaster like stunts and games in the level. Roller coster world
    ~ Street racing with more drifting like driving and stunts
    ~ Dirt track with dirt stunts and cool dirt 4x4 offroad racing effects
    ~ Water and river background. Racing cross rivers and water stunt is cool idea!
    ~ Drag racing cross multiple stunt lanes against others
    ~ Hill and slope climb type level in unlimited / survival level
    ~ Hot lava racer world - avoid the heat!
    + Mod development; allows extensions and new worlds through mods
    + Earn real coins and get cheats to bypass difficult levels
    + Tutorial / Stunt motor racing academy
    + Trial game mode
    + Pixel perfect GUI

    About Steve
    Stuntman Steve is a somewhat reckless guy who loves taking risks and loves to roar his engine while making stunt jumps. His reckless lifestyle filled with danger has brought him many fans. Steve was an outlaw with a fast lifestyle always on the run. After this rogue period in his life he chilled for a while as a beach surfer before he headed back to the asphalt to take on professional stunt car racing. Some speculate that steve is The Stig driver for top gear, but this has never been confirmed. It is however know that for charity Steve often does bike bmx race games stunts for toddlers. Steve has 2 favorite stunts: 1. the flamed hoop jump; and 2. the long ramp gateway. Steve is a true stunt baron with a heart of gold and nerves of steel!

    Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
    Lunagames takes your privacy seriously and works in line with a strict CSR. We do not share any private data with 3rd parties nor do we ask you to register the game through facebook.

    Be sure not to cross the redline as you make your stunts. Staying calm and making the right turbo boost is essential to the success of a stunt man! Never rush your moves, but be the cool guy you always wanted to be!

    Other Lunagames classics include: Block Defender, Gems XXL 2, BeZombied. Want more info about our other game classics or just want to reach out please contact us at:

    What some of our Android players are saying:
    jonas-92: simple controls, but so much fun!
    stickman-x: great - would like more levels
    tiki-takki: good solid game :)
    skyman.82: get it on -- great racing game

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