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    Published: 2013-05-08, by Peter Warrior.

    A physics race game

    • Those explosions are great
    • Easy to learn yet challenging
    • Comic storyline
    • It might have far more levels and vehicles

    "Look like Triffids to me..."

    After the Apocalypse, several mutations stormed the few earthling species left, transforming plants into huge monsters and sending mankind downhill to the bottom of the food chain. A group of survivors try to keep human DNA safe and share it with other groups and labs to preserve the last of our lineage. The best way to do so is by crossing jungles and other hostile environments by jeep.

    In other words, Survival Race is a physics race game. Your vehicle runs, jumps, flips and, if you badly miss, explodes. The faster you reach the goal, the more points you get. In your way you can collect coins to purchase upgrades or new vehicles. In case you're trying to beat your own record and realize it won't be this time, the instant restart will be your favorite feature.

    Even when this game doesn't rewrite the rules of the genre, it's graphically eye-catching, its gameplay isn't as unbalanced as other competitors and it's free of charge, so if you're looking for a casual racing game and want to save mankind by the way, here's your game.

    A game that supports both Arab and English languages. It's not that you have to read much when avoiding carnivorous plants, but there's a comic to introduce the storyline worth to be read.

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