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    In times when governments fell and police doesn't rule the streets, top gangs wars broke up. Race for power and money begins! This dark and sad episode in human history is called fighting games.
    Riots take over the streets, everybody for themselves - that's the top rule! Panic broke up and streets are more dangerous then ever, free people are gone forever. Living in nightmare without cops when no one is keeping peace on streets is harsh. Only the strongest and the best know how to survive a fighting game race. Nobody cares that police officers are hunted down and killed in front of everybody. Police officers are running and hiding somewhere far away so gangs won't start racing for them and punish for all the times that the police used to catch them. Police car are still riding the streets but cops aren't inside, mob took over the police department or they use car where fuel is still in. Many use this car for fun racing, and when they wreck cops car, they just abandon it.

    The best thing is that you are prepared for these no cops racing times, it isn't fun, its hard life. You modified your cool American racing muscle top car to be the best deadly machine out there. Every time you move out from your garage you pray to come back in one piece from racing, but you know that this top car can manage every fun situation, so let the fighting games go on. Food is hard to get nobody gives it for free, nobody cares that cops are gone forever, everyone must manage for themselves in these fighting games. In big historical changes some things never change, there is nothing for free.

    In this mad world you need to survive as long as you can, no fun there, but deadly and dual miniguns will help you stay alive in this race for life. Sometime you can run out of ammo but you can collect some for free in game while playing. Some gangsters drive cool non armed car so you just need to avoid them or just blast them out of your way with fun. So stay cool and race like you've never raced before and stay alive in these cool fighting games.

    Be at the top of leaderboards and prove that you are best of the best in this cool fighting games.

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