Tractors - On The Road

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    Tractors : On The Road is a fun and unique racing game!
    You like play dirty? Win the race by taking the first place or you can eliminate your opponents. There is no strict raceline, at least not the classic "fenced around" environment. You can push your enemies into houses, trees and any kind of obstacles (or into the abyss). Do anything to slow them down, it's your choice. You can even cut off a few corners. A little "healthy" cheating is tolerable. :)

    No real animals, people or tractors were harmed during the creation of this game! The events are accidental..

    V 1.0
    - Scalable graphics, so you can play it on a slower device.
    - Fantastic soundtracks.
    - Tilt control.
    - 9 vehicles. (Unlockable by winning the first places of each track.)
    - 9 opponents
    - 12 stages with beautiful and realistic graphics.
    - Destructible environment.
    - Destructible enemies.
    - Unexpected occurrences. (lavinas, or animals appear.)
    - Power ups & gadgets. (speed, snow-plow, fork, etc.)
    - Pimp My Tractor.

    More to come in later versions: Multiplayer, more levels, tractors, gadgets and soundtracks...
    Android OS : 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or later
    Cpu at least 1.2 Ghz.