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    Published: 2011-05-27, by .

    Help Turbo Grannie have fun and ride her motorbike through the different tracks!

    • Fun
    • Rather tricky

    "Free Turbo Grannie"

    The instructions are simple but it's not that easy to prevent the Grannie from flipping over:

    - Tilt to make her lean forward o backward

    - Press the right part of the screen to accelerate

    - Press the left part of the screen to reverse

    The idea is fine and the graphics are quite good but I found the game rather tricky and I'd gladly appreciate a difficulty setting. Otherwise, you might get tired of flipping and falling over and over again.

    Imperial Game Studio has only one more app in the market and the free version of this one. This version unblocks the Suburbia and the Desert tracks.

    If you want a challenging game and don't mind to start over, be sure to check this game out. Avoid it if you give up easily.

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    Ana Appszoom logo

    by Ana , Appszoom

    May 27, 2011


    The nursing home is awfully boring!

    Turbo Granny may be as old as the hills, but she can´t stand spending every day indoors at the slow nursing home. It´s deadening & Turbo Granny is bored to death! She misses all the action and excitement that she used to experience - a long time ago…

    … and that is why she one day has had it; Turbo Granny takes her mobility scooter and gets the h*** out the nursing home!

    Turbo Granny is out of the slow home, now what? Where to go? She - thank God - has a decision to make (by herself…), what direction to take?

    Let´s free Turbo Granny!

    The game is pure fun, presents quite the challenge, very hilarious to… well I’ll just be insensitive and say it — watch Granny crash and break a hip! When I first played the game, I did not put it down for nearly 45 minutes… and that was only until the battery died. Honestly, Turbo Grannies is probably more fun than Angry Birds or its equal.
    4,6 OUT OF 5

    Turbo Grannies is a lot of fun, it has a great sense of humor, great style, great graphics, hilarious sounds, and is the first game I’ve handed off to someone else to watch them try and beat my score.
    4 OUT OF 5

    The graphics look great and much attention has been given to detail. Gameplay is pretty flawless, controls respond well. All in all, it’s a good, attractive game, you just need a bit of patience to get the hang of it.
    4 OUT OF 5

    Little rusty there, Turbo Granny? If so, she could take the easiest way, the Mountain track. At the Mountain track there will be some off-road driving with quite a few nasty jumps on the way. In order to complete the track she´d better have a rally vehicle…

    Eager to go, Turbo Granny? Then she should take the Suburbia track, it´s the best route for her to take - on her speedy vehicle…

    Up for a challenge, Turbo Granny? If it is a truly courageous Granny she should however opt for the Desert track. The Desert track is a really difficult cross track, in fact it is so difficult that if completed it is very doubtful that the nursing home staff will catch up with her - ever…

    To make the most of this game, use your phones advanced features, such as touchscreen and gyroscope.
    To help Turbo Granny; lean back and forward on your cool mobility scooter as you climb the hills and fly through the air using accelerometer technology.

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    This game is produced by Imperial Game Studio. Proud developers of Turbo Grannies, Bumbee, Alien Fishtank Frenzy, Golf Battle 3D & Zombie Rider.

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    by gray whippet vlogs

    Jul 29, 2017  |  "Awesome"


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    by Tom Shulze

    Jun 16, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Love this

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    Feb 14, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    It's amazing .

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    Feb 02, 2017  |  "Awesome"


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    Jan 19, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Its the best

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    Dec 22, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Very intasting Game I like it