Turbo Sprint




    Be the number one test driver, enjoy your 500 horsepower muscle car on the Turbo Sprint!
    Earn coins for the long run on the road.
    Longer the run, higher score points, more coins, that's simple !

    Upgrade your car's tires, brake or turbo for a better performance, or buy more lives.

    Android version has a super feature, like no other devices in the market:
    Do you need even more lives ? Then try the "mega life pack"
    which gives you 10 more lives to be a true champion of the road!

    - Avoid obstacles and civilian cars
    - Smaller obstacles are not deadly, but takes down a little of the health bar.
    - Collect turbo dots to fill your turbo
    - You have automatic gas and a minimal speed. Upgrade brake for a faster slowdown.
    - Use the pedal on the right for turbo!
    - Don't forget, you have also a brake pedal
    - Puddles makes you slower, upgrade your tires for a better performance
    - Try the sensitivity slider in the options menu for more sensitive moves of your car

    Have fun!!

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