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    Published: 2013-10-23, by .

    Drive as aggressively as you can through a hazardous minimalist world

    • Racing game minus the cars done right
    • Thumping music which grows in complexity
    • Quickly rewarding gameplay
    • Driving as aggressively as you can is fun as hell
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    Racing around a track is boring. Racing through a shapeshifting abstract landscape with random triggers for earthquakes and inverse upside-down mode completely rules. HyperBees' Voxel Rush: Extreme 3D Racing strips racing down to its bare minimum, and it's one of the very first in the genre that's won my bitter, fun-hating heart.

    No need for a car - use your device's accelerometer to tilt your way first-person towards the endless gray horizon, populated heavily by skyscraper-like blocks of all sizes. They're not all that difficult to avoid if you step on the brakes, but you'll never get anywhere that way - score close-call combos by swinging near enough to their borders to make the hair on your arm stand straight up. Gain mad multipliers by revving up the speed and keeping it there. In other words, big points to drive as absolutely recklessly as you possibly can.

    There are a few power-ups scattered throughout the levels, and repeated lay will net you spendable points in the store. You can put these towards intangible upgrades, like more frequently triggering bonus events or longer-lasting slow-mo. What I really love, though, is that there's never any option to upgrade, say, your paint job or your tires. It's a racing game for someone who couldn't give a cucumber about cars.

    The graphics are the most basic they could be, and that's an A move for me. The music is just perfect, beginning with a simple electronic beat at the beginning of a run and gradually growing encouragingly complex as you sideswipe more and more obstacles.

    An online leaderboard exists through connection with a Google account. You can also snap photos of your runs and export them to whatever social media is currently in vogue.

    HyperBees' Voxel Rush: Extreme 3D Racing is minimalist, thrilling, rewarding, and free. You'll love it.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 23, 2013


    Superfast, minimalistic and extreme 3D racing game! Now with real-time multiplayer!
    Accelerometer-controlled, endless and free racing game. Race through minimalistic landscapes. Avoid obstacles and don't crash!

    Be fast, be aggressive, race like you know no fear! Get it now!

    What players say:
    "Voxel Rush is fast, dynamic, engrossing, and a thrill to play." -
    "What's scarier than riding speeders through the forest moon of Endor? Voxel Rush: 3D Racer Free just might be" -

    • NEW: REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER! Compete with your friends in a TRON-like landscape and win Credits or V$ in a thrilling 60 seconds race. Higher-scoring player wins!
    • Multiplayer duels. Prove yourself and win Credits from other players!
    • Multiplayer challenges. The real thing. Compete with others and win free Credits! Just tap the multiplayer button in the main menu, select a challenge and race like you know no fear! The top five players in every challenge get free Credits.
    • Show off! Race close to obstacles to get more points
    • The more aggressive your racing, the more combos you get
    • Achievements and leaderboards (Google sign-in required)
    • Use tons of upgrades, power-ups and modules to race even faster
    • Get FREE Credits for inviting friends! Invite through Facebook, Google+ and email. Spread the word about this amazing free racing game!
    • Share your best moments in the game and post your in-game pics on Google+ and Facebook. Show your friends what top racing means :)
    • Collect powerful boosters like Invulnerability or Slow Motion
    • Survive events like Total Collapse, Tunnel of Death or Crushers
    • Enjoy stereoscopic 3D mode (glasses required)
    • Remove ads with purchase of any Credits or V$ coin-packs
    • The Other World will blow your mind!

    If you like games like Speedx 3D, Boost 2 or Supersonic, you will enjoy Voxel Rush even more!

    *Doesn't work with ART, sorry!*

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    Developed by Rafal Wilinski
    Published by HyperBees
    Supercharged by Dataspin

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