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    Published: 2013-01-30, by Peter Warrior.

    A racing game

    • Challenging
    • Non sense fun
    • Free, non obtrusive ads
    • A wider array of foes would be appreciated

    "Dude, where's my car? "

    Zombie Road Trip can brag both to be one of the simplest physics-based driving game and one of the most addictive as well. It might remind of Moon Racer, but with improved graphics and a zet factor included. "Zet factor" stands for "ongoing zombie apocalypse run for your life in an endless trip to shatter your previous record", in case you didn't know.

    In your way you will find zombies, zombies and more zombies, and some zombie birds that give lottery tickets away to be exchanged for reels or money in the lucky wheel of death at the end of the game. Money is used to buy stuff (how we are, us humans, it's the Zombigeddon and our doubtful economic system goes on) and the more stuff you purchase, more experience you earn. Then, in an unsuspected twist of fate, experience points gives you levels and higher the level, more money you earn; all in a creepy reinterpretation of the circle of life, money and afterlife.

    Don't forget to check stats, missions aka achievements and how terrain is randomly generated every time. When you think you've had enough of this game, go to the shop to get substantial changes in gameplay as gory mode.

    Besides bloody ones, the only stain would be that sometimes the horde gets you when it should't, as when you are in the middle of a jump and they are running under you, or when there's no way to shoot a bird down. Anyway, both flaws are due to finger clumsiness rather than technical reasons.

    In the end, fun for fun's sake. It may not be the most original game ever, but it's been made with care and is thoroughly enjoyable for a quite a bunch of hours.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 30, 2013


    In Zombie Road Trip the rules are simple - escape the zombie horde or have your brain eaten. Are you up for the challenge?

    From the creators of the Tiki Totems saga comes a game that blends the boundaries of runner and racer trick games!

    Race against the unrelenting Zombie Horde across the great wastelands in the never-ending game of survival. Shoot the zombies ahead with your impressive arsenal of weapons and witness true ragdoll-packed gore galore! Earn zombie coins to upgrade your ride and weapons to lay waste to the undead and show them just how much you hate them.

    Perform and perfectly land tricks to earn boost and drive as far as you can, or else you might just die a horrible death!

    Zombie road trip features :
    - 5 landscapes each with its own distinct look
    - fully randomised terrain (every play through will feel brand new)
    - dynamic zombie demolition engine (every a zombie dies the collision will look awesome and new)
    - 10 exciting weapons to dispatch your foes
    - 34 unique cars
    - 8 add ons that will change the way you play the game
    - beautiful high def graphics
    - buttons & tilt controls; you choose!
    - spin bonus the wheel to earn more zombie coins

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