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    Published: 2011-06-16, by Peter Warrior.

    Make choices, seek out love and boldly wind between power and deception.

    • Great entertainment
    • No nonsense entertainment
    • Design could be improved
    • We miss illustrations

    "A young witch playing around with the bonfire of love"

    Choice of Games is a developer highly specialized in this kind of text-based multiple-choice games. If you remember those "Lone Wolf" books back in the late 80s, you can get the idea.

    When making choices, your skills will grow or decrease to reflect the changes. Any option you take can have either ill or good consequences that you'll have to accept. The first choices you make will define your character and his starting stats. Choose wisely. You've to be consistent and choose according to the role you chose. Once you end your story, whether burnt or felt in love, or if you decide to restart it, you'll be able to take a different path with an absolutely different character. We can say that the clever use of choices and variables implies a nearly unlimited replayability.

    So, once you resolve the first stage, you'll have a particular status based on your skills. Then, you can tap on "Begin the Adventure" in order to start the real story and go on reading every chapter. This one tells specifically the story of a young medieval Spanish maiden who can use magic powers. She arrives to the king's court and gets trapped in a labyrinth of hidden passions and corridor intrigues. We haven't read any scene strictly non child friendly, though the rhetorical language and the round-about, stilted and rummaged content can make this tale not suited for kids.

    It's appreciated that the main character is a woman (you can choose to be a man, too). As far as I remember, there weren't any Lone Wolf, Choice your Own Adventure nor Grail Quest book featuring a female protagonist. Even when is only included Chapter One, story is very long. We miss, however, illustrations. We know that it would make the app more expensive to develop and therefore beyond the current "free with ads" formula. By the way, ads are absolutely non-intrusive, placed at the upper part of the screen. As we've already said, Choice of Games is highly specialized in this kind of games, so if you enjoyed this one and want to try others, be sure to check them out.

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    Jun 16, 2011


    Plunge into court politics and change the course of history, or pursue a love affair that rocks the kingdom to its foundations!

    It's the game of romance, deception and court intrigue, where your choices determine how the story proceeds. The game is entirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--but driven by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

    Will you play as male or female? Gay or straight? Match wits with the schemers of the court, or play your suitors off each other? Will you find true love? Gain a crown? Lose your head?

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