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    CHAOS RINGS Ω's review

    Published: 2013-01-04, by Peter Warrior.

    The adventure sequel to Chaos Rings

    • Top notch Japanese voice and soundtrack
    • Square's Final Fantasy feeling
    • Hours and hours of gameplay
    • No lite or trial version
    • It might be too "twentieth century".

    "Final Fantasy 13 (we mean US$13)"

    Although Square may be one of the most well known videogame companies worldwide, it hasn't actually explored the confines of mobile gaming at all. Chaos Rings was pretty determined, but otherwise they have been moving on from experimental stuff like Imaginary Range to absolutely conservative bets such as Final Fantasy III remake.

    Then here it comes Chaos Rings Omega, 1 Gb of awesome mix of 8bit nostalgia with 16bit gameplay and 3D graphics. In fact, it doesn't nearly need to be introduced, because it's like a game designed by Square back in the 90s but unfeasible till now for technical reasons. However, it might be too late or, in other words, it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Turn based fights may not be as desirable as they once were, characters definitively lack the charisma of FF VII -no wonder why- and a story about a legend forged ten thousand years back unshackled right now and solved but a youth yet brave but unwise warrior cliche and his party of unorthodox archetypes may result too stodgy at current times. And there are zero customization options, a flaw that Square is stubbornly repeating time over time, in my humble opinion.

    Anyway, here's the best Square-like RPG game so far (think about it) . No doubt about it. Unfortunately, it might be not enough.

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    Jan 04, 2013


    * Android Compatibility *
    CHAOSRINGSΩ may not perform as intended on the latest version of the Android devices with Android OS 5.0 or above. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work to address this issue in the coming days.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope that you continue to enjoy playing CHAOSRINGSΩ

    ・The size of the game may result in long download times.
    ・A WiFi connection is recommended for downloading.
    ・This game requires approximately 1 GB of memory. Please ensure that you have the necessary storage available before downloading.

    The latest version of CHAOS RINGS, the smash-hit and best-selling game in fifteen countries, now comes to Android!

    CHAOS RINGS Omega is the latest installment in the globally successful CHAOS RINGS series of role-playing games. Players can now enjoy enjoy all of the following on their Android devices: gorgeous 3-D graphics, smooth animations, a classic RPG gameplay feel, refined user interfaces, a rich story that ties in directly to the previously released CHAOS RINGS, and more!

    The story is based on the Arc Arena life-or-death tournament. This fight to the death takes places on Earth, a full 10,000 years before the events of the previous game. As the youthful and daring Vieg, you will take part in epic battles directly related to the CHAOS RINGS story, the tragedies that arose because of them, and a wondrous tale ten millennia in the making.

    CHAOS RINGS OMEGA is sure to slake the thirst for adventure of players both returning and new to the series.

    Game features:

    • An intricate story that ties in directly to the previous CHAOS RINGS title

    • Beautiful graphics and smoothly animated 3-D characters

    • Refined gameplay and battle system

    • Japanese voice acting from top-quality talent

    • Tons of secret content including hidden bosses and a bonus scenario

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