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    Published: 2015-04-29, by .

    Welcome to a futuristic world of the cyber punk.

    • Lots of content
    • Immersive environments
    • Unresponsive interface
    • Lost save data

    "Are You A Cyber Knight?"


    Cyber Knights RPG is a science-fiction based role-playing game with that brings back the classic cyber punk genre. You are part of a squad of runners battling and doing business with the world's ruling mega corporations. The gameplay is pretty fun despite a few flaws.


    If you like this genre of game, then Cyber Knights is one for you to try. There's a lot of content supporting an engaging storyline. The battle combinations are pretty fun and the item descriptions and environments are well-thought out and immersive.


    At one point, while selecting a weapon from the bungalow, the interface would not respond to user input and acknowledge the selection. There may be a problem with save information not being saved upon exiting the game.

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    by William

    Apr 29, 2015


    Lead a deadly team of skilled and cybered mercenaries to fight, hack, and infiltrate in the shadows of 2217. As a Cyber Knight you are the elite but expendable urban soldier in the silent wars of a cyberpunk future. You do the dirty work of megacorporations, criminal organizations and street gangs.

    Play the free RPG named "Cyber Knights RPG" and enjoy hours of turn-based and tactical cyberpunk gaming in before you upgrade to Cyber Knights Elite. Trese Brothers never runs ads in our games -- enjoy an ad free, permission free experience! Unlock the Hunder Profession as a $1 IAP within Elite.

    Elite edition adds 3 unique Cyber Knights, 50+ weapons, and 20+ armors, 30+ cybernetic implants and more content and story. And you can copy any Cyber Knight from Cyber Knights RPG (free) to Elite!

    Cyber Knights is a turn-based tactical RPG in which you control a squad of runners and soldiers who are completing illegal contracts for the various powers that fight for control over the cities. Explore a massive persistent world with 10 battling factions, more than 600 contacts and citizens, over 500 shops, more than 400 battle combinations and danger lurking at every turn.

    It is the dawn of 2217, and the world has ended. Megacorporations provide humanity’s last survivors shelter in the vast dome cities of New Boston, New Berlin and others. Across the planet the Global Matrix has reunited the scattered survivors and reignited the fires of competition.

    Technology has changed humanity. No longer merely flesh, many Cyber Knights have turned to nano- and cyber- technology to gain an edge and extend their abilities beyond human limits.

    A global arms race has begun between the remaining megacorporations. Technological domination and control of the remaining metroplex are the only things that matter now.

    In this cold war conflict the soldiers are called Cyber Knights. Elite urban mercenaries they are expendable, deniable and effective. The megacorporations need them to do the dirty work in the grey shadows of the metroplex.

    You will control of a skilled team of mercenary cyber-warriors. Use turn-based tactics combat to deploy skills, equipment and cybernetic implants for maximum effect. Specialize your team members in stealth, combat or hacking skills. Dominate the megacorporate landscape with strategy, infiltration, battle prowess or be a digital ghost.

    Features 8 unique skills, 5 character classes, 400 different items, weapons and armor. Customized your leader and teams with 65 different cybernetic improvements. Pick sides in this urban battle and play as Hacker, Gun Slinger, Sniper, Cyber Sword or the fearsome AgentEX!

    As a Knight, you'll encounter:
    * 140 Weapons
    * 45 Armors
    * 100 Matrix Hosts
    * 60 Cybernetic Implants
    * 600 NPC Contacts
    * 55 Monsters
    * 400 Monster Teams

    Our development team updating Cyber Knights on a weekly basis and we are very receptive to feedback and suggestions.

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    Aleksei Ilin

    by Aleksei Ilin

    Jan 16, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Very nice game! Please add possibility to change the prophecy (Sniper <=> Gunslider <=> CyberKnight) of the character at NBZ. Let it be some place where it is possible to change the prophecy for money/exp.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Dec 27, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    First off great game, an early Trese effort and it shows in some of the mechanics, but considering that its open world and not story driven, its a very interesting piece. Secondly, a couple issues that I've had since picking this up again after a couple years away: 1) Having some issues at Riccos Boat Serve - after selecting dialogue to get transport his dialogue box shows up but no options to continue or back out. 2) Less concerning (don't have to reset), but still annoying and more frequent (don't use the boats much once I have enough taxi drivers), is that when I select missions from connectors sometimes I get a Cyber Knights Stopped Working error message and I'm kicked out of the mission list. I can go back in and select a mission fine - from a new/updated list of missions. 3) A tweak I'd be interested in is it would be nice if reputation wasn't lost so quickly by time passing. If reputation gains were lowered a bit per quest and/or there were bigger penalties for working against a faction that would be fine, but it's annoying to me that simply resting and shopping or bar schmoozing or wandering a bit can drop you by 2-3 missions worth of rep like nothing. It makes me feel like I have to scramble like a mad rat, always working against the clock, to build rep - rather than more simply being consistent and faithful with one group to climb their ladder. It could take the same or more time/missions without the current extreme of a two-steps-forward-one step-back, grind-against-the-clock mechanic. Also it would be easier to keep rep up with two different factions, as long as you didn't actively work against your friends and did some big jobs for them from time to time.

    james zephyr

    by james zephyr

    Dec 27, 2017  |  "Good"

    I've been playing this off and on for years and I must say I'm still immensely disappointed with the insane difficulty spike of the random encounters. I understand that each faction differs in strength, but getting mobbed by eight full strength mars enforcers without having any heat and moderate rep greatly upsets me, especially with how long it takes me to get to the mars zones. Decent game with unscaled random mechanics and massively widespread weapon placement makes for irritating travelling even with 200+ xp

    Jimmy Browne

    by Jimmy Browne

    Nov 29, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    This game is one of the best Strategy RPGs I've ever played. Never have I been lost in such a simple Gameplay cycle since I played Gladius on the Game Cube.

    Adam Caverhill

    by Adam Caverhill

    Nov 23, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Great game, love all the games this dev makes, A++

    Wade Mancour

    by Wade Mancour

    Nov 22, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Great retro rpg. Reminds me of original Fallout.