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    Published: 2014-02-07, by .

    Escape the dungeon using swords and wit

    • Original
    • Artwork
    • Addictive
    • Touch of humor
    • Needs and upgrading system

    "Dungeon Puzzler"

    Seramy Game's Dungeon Ascendance is an original game that merges both puzzle and dungeon crawler gameplay.

    You must select one of the 12 unlockable heroes (warrior, adventurer, wizard and wanderer classes) and try to escape each dungeon level. Of course, most of the dungeon is covered and it will be unveiled only as you pass through.

    Among potions, chests and swords you'll also find goblins, trolls, skulls and dozens of enemies blocking the path. You can try to kill them but soon you'll discover some are tougher than you are. Wander about the dungeon and try to find a weaker spot to pass through.

    You must put all your cunning to work, otherwise, you will stay trapped in that ragged dungeon forever.

    Dungeon Ascendance is set in 2D cartoony graphics with an evident touch of humor. Move the guy, collect items and attack all by tapping the screen. Straightforward and responsive controls.

    I'm just missing an upgrading system to upgrade character's skills and weaponry.

    Regardless, an original and addictive game.

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Feb 07, 2014


    Roguelike meets RPG meets Puzzle game in Dungeon Ascendance!

    Not played before? Try before you buy: Free version available! (link below)

    Choose one of twelve brave heroes then conquer a dungeon filled with monsters and loot! Use a tactical mixture of abilities, items, spells and cold, hard steel to fight your way to the exit. But beware! The stairs are guarded by a fearsome Dungeon Master who isn't planning on letting you past.

    The full version features twelve classes with unique abilities, fifteen dungeons and a whole lot of tactical rpg-puzzle gameplay. You also get a full achievements system including unique challenges for every class.

    If you completed the Free Version you can unlock your progress in this version - so you don't lose anything upgrading!

    Brand new graphics from ShroomArts! Not exactly pixel art, but in the great tradition of 16-bit and console RPGs. Veterans note: the old tiles are still available from the Config menu.

    So why do we call Dungeon Ascendance a roguelike puzzle game? DA has the random, proceedural level generation of a roguelike, the turn-based combat of a roguelike and the varied classes of a roguelike. But it also has the level-by-level, strategic 10-minute satisfaction of a puzzle game. There's never just one solution to a level but the game feels at least half a puzzle.

    Compatible with Android phones and tablets. Care has been taken so the game runs well on low-end devices.

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    Users comments for Dungeon Ascendance Roguelike

    Nathan Gomer

    by Nathan Gomer

    Feb 04, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    This game is fun. Big fun. And unless a little subtraction is beyond your capabilities, it won't be too tough for you --don't listen to other reviewers. Like turn-based, strategic fun? Look no further

    Andrey Ryuu

    by Andrey Ryuu

    Jan 08, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    you won't find game like this

    nick winston

    by nick winston

    Nov 28, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Simple,well designed and fun. Thx for development.

    Theodoros Theodoridis

    by Theodoros Theodoridis

    May 27, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Just what I was looking for.

    Tyler Mills

    by Tyler Mills

    May 08, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Been wanting to play desktop dungeon on my phone. unfortunately the android version of that game is tablet only. So I got this game instead. (plus it's way cheaper)

    jared moen

    by jared moen

    Jul 11, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    It's very refreshing to see a game these days where you aren't entitled to win just because you press play. Seeing the babies on here complaining about the difficulty makes me sad. Yes, you actually have to think to win this. But you will feel a sense of achievement when you finally figure it out. This is a game worth playing.