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    GA2: Siege of the Necromancer

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    GA2: Siege of the Necromancer's review

    Published: 2013-11-18, by Peter Warrior.

    8th in the series of gamebook adventures

    • Great port of the classic books
    • No lite or trial version
    • The app may be more expensive than the real book in a street market

    "Necromancy galore!"

    Gamebook adventures were a popular series of well, you know, books, back in the eighties and nineties, that combined choice-your-adventure mechanics with dice and a character sheet (a simplified version of those "true" role playing games use). It was just a matter of time that someone bring them back from oblivion and updates them. This review applies to all the GA series, as there are no relevant differences regarding interface of playability between them.

    We won't discuss here the quality of the content, as they are all awesome under thirty years ago standards, but the update is at the same time something great and a missed chance. Great because there are a bunch of lovely little details such as the die rolling on the table and little animations to give the game some pace and intensity. A missed chance because there could have been a lot of customization options we would have liked to really create our own character, and the sections are so word by word the same as then that if you played them as a child you will still remember which options are better. There have been a few gameplay tweaks, though, but nothing able to break the already existing (un)balance.

    Anyway, this more than acceptable update on those books we loved so much has to be welcomed and praised because of its professionalism and user-oriented thinking.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Nov 18, 2013

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    Devae Jones

    by Devae Jones

    Aug 02, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    So far so good. Blood of the he zombies is my favorite so far. A must have..

    Michael Murray

    by Michael Murray

    Mar 17, 2014  |  "Good"

    I like the concept of a story unfolding differently depending on the choices you make, but the story doesn't last very long.

    Jason Girdler

    by Jason Girdler

    Jan 30, 2014  |  "Good"

    Writing is on par with the others but there are too many dead ends that come from picking the wrong random choice half the book ago. That would be OK if it telegraphed consequences better but often it's just pick one of 4 doors, you pick wrong you die, in 20 pages time.

    Brian Cramer

    by Brian Cramer

    Jan 08, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    I hate the orgon. That is all.

    James Martin

    by James Martin

    Dec 07, 2013  |  "Great"

    The first 2 GAs i read (1 and 8) were quite easy to finish,Ii couldn't find any dead ends other than your vitality getting too low and the fights were quite easy as you were more powerful than most of your opponents. This 1 however is different, just like the old ffs, little story other than seek and kill the necromancer in a dungeon. shorter paragraphs, with lots of twists and turns and some tric

    Jennifer Blake

    by Jennifer Blake

    Nov 19, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Takin'me back to my youth! If you played these the first time round it is worth a purchase