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    Hunt the Dragon is a strategy and luck RPG game. It uses the hide-and-seek formula to let you explore the World of the Mysterious and Legendary Dragon.

    Avoid the Villains, try to find Weapons, Treasures and Magic Spells and Potions. Use your nose and deductive powers to determine where is snoozing, without actually seeing it...

    To kill the Dragon you have first to find it by exploring its world. Control your Hero's movements by simply touching the locations near to him. Collect and use weapons, treasures, magic spells and potions since they will help during the hunt. Avoid or kill the various villains since they can stole your items, teleport you in an unexplored part of the world or simply kill you! Try to understand and interpret the hints you'll find during your exploration of the world to determine the exact location of the lair of the Beast.

    ...will you be able to hunt the Dragon?

    Some features:
    * virtually infinite worlds to explore. Each match is new and different;
    * different characters to select. Do you prefer to hunt as Dwarf, Knight or as Wizard?
    * 14+ different terrains for the world;
    * three different difficulty levels;
    * various villains (orcs, spiders, beasts, etc.) to kill, items and objects to find;
    * beautiful HD graphics!
    * playable for everybody and anybody!
    * fun for all ages!

    If you like fantasy/role play and dungeon/maze quests and simulation/war games don't miss this fun app! Download now!

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