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    Published: 2011-06-16, by Peter Warrior.

    Make choices and solve an endless riddle.

    • No nonsense entertainment
    • Rather weird story


    Choice of Games is a developer highly specialized in this kind of text-based multiple-choice games. If you remember those "Lone Wolf" books back in the late 80s, you can get the idea. Now, Choice of Games has released a tutorial to write our own Choice-your-whatever and let them host it. It's a fantastic initiative that should be applauded.

    Land of... is a game created by a user and uploaded by the developer. Land of has the honor to be the oddest tale launched so far by Choice of Games. Whatever, we're sure that his writer has done his best.

    As usual in games from this series, when making choices, your skills will grow or decrease to reflect the changes. Any option you take can have either ill or good consequences that you'll have to accept. The first choices you make will define your character and his stats. Choose wisely. You've to be consistent and choose according to the role you chose. Once you end your story, whether mad or absolutely mad; or if you decide to restart it, you'll be able to take a different path with an absolutely different character. We can say that the clever use of choices and variables implies a high replayability.

    So, once you finish the first questions, you'll have a particular status based on your skills. Then, you can tap on "Begin the Adventure" in order to start the real story and go on reading every chapter. This one tells specifically the story of an apprentice mage or rogue (you've to choose that too). We haven't read any scene non child friendly, though the content can make this tale not suited for kids unless you were raised watching D&D on TV.

    Story isn't as long as other "Choice of" games. Illustrations are welcome but should be improved. We know that it would make the app more expensive to develop and therefore beyond the current "free with ads" formula. By the way, ads are absolutely non-intrusive, placed at the upper part of the screen. As we've already said, Choice of Games is highly specialized in this kind of games, so if you whether enjoyed this one or not, be sure to check them out.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 16, 2011


    You have spent years of learning the arts of a magician, trained for the swiftness of a rogue and did endless hours of swordfighting.Now your time has come to put it all to the test. Your day of examination has finaly come. Can you solve the riddles, beat the monsters and do the trickery that is needed to pass? You enter the maze and are left to your own devices. In the next room you can already here the patter of feet on the ground...

    In the style of interactive books, the player is put in a fantasy world. In a maze like dungeon he goes from room to room in the search of the exit. The game itself is text based and all input is done via multiple choice. Nonetheless the game is complex in its own way, it allows solving riddles in more than just one way. The player (YOU), can chose what kind of profession he prefers. Whether to fight or to trick or use to magics. In a retro style you even get hand drawn Pen&Paper like glimpses of your surroundings. If you are stuck - you pray to god for help. Once you DO reach the exit your doings will be evaluated. Can you become a MASTER?

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