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    Published: 2012-07-11, by Peter Warrior.

    A 2D massive RPG +5,000 in-app coins.

    • Great and beautiful 16bit-like graphics
    • Huge map and lots of quests
    • Complete yet no complex RPG features
    • Obtrusive ads
    • In-app shop is too important.

    "Save Maple World, this time from your device"

    Those of you savvier in online multiplayer games maybe have heard about Maple Story, because it's one of the oldest and was considered a phenomenon in some Asian countries. Go in advance that this mobile version isn't a MMO at all, because the only interactions with other players are limited to messages and a noticeboard.

    What you will find after installing the 40 Mb package is a 2D platformer sidescroller with RPG features. These RPGs features are easy to understand for casual gamers, but have enough depth to be explored and enjoyed by more expert gamers. In short, this game is on looking for non player characters who give you quests to fulfill and moving through an endless map chopping critters of all kinds.

    As other freemium games do, MapleStory strongly relies on its in-app shop, where real money can be exchanged for sweet in-game currency. Perhaps MapleStory gives the feeling of relying too much on it, as it seems that nearly anything must be purchased sooner or later. When you start there's only one character available (it's quite cool, though) and if you wish so, you can spend money to buy more characters, items and stuff and to fully unlock the message service. Money also grants access to new zones of the map, experience increases and get rid of ads -which are quite annoying, flat truth here.

    On the other hand, controls are excellent, 16bit manga like graphics are graceful and there are quite a few nice touches, such as the customizable user interface and several minigames. No complaints regarding its technical features, its only draw is that so much importance given to the shop may be a heavy burden for a mobile game.

    In conclusion, a nice game and a nice way to be initiated in real Maple Story, where there are a lot of additional options that can't be found here. Enjoyable for a long while, but if you like it much, it'd be better if you go ahead and play the complete PC version.

    This Deluxe edition comes with 5,000 in-app coins (candies) and a handful of items unlocked.

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