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    Parallel Kingdom MMO's review

    Published: 2011-12-14, by Manu Galvez.

    Parallel Kingdom merges game and reality to become a based-location role-game

    • Tutorial
    • Both web and Android version
    • New game concept
    • Graphics
    • Difficult to get the hang of it
    • Boring if you're the only player in your district
    • Free for a limited time

    "When game met reality"

    Parallel Kingdom is a new game concept: instead of placing you in a virtual fantastic World, it uses real locations to create an adventure game. This way, you can play in real time with other players, on a real map of your district.

    How does it work? First, sign up on the web version or from your Android. Create your own character (there aren't too many editing options so far, since what you will see is just a face on the map), set your location, follow the guide and start playing. Lots of virtuals monsters, animals, caves, buildings will appear over your district, surrounding your virtual character. You will have to fight, build, collect items, trade and expand your empire through war or diplomacy.

    The added value of this game is that all that territories that you're dominating are your real district, your village or city. Do it you your best and you will expand over new territories. However, be careful: if there are other PK players on your territory, they won't let you control everything. You will have to struggle.

    The best of PK is the idea which is quite original, as well as the tutorial and the amount of things you can perform. The worst, it's difficult to get the hang of it, it gets boring if nobody is playing PK in your city and the graphics could be certainly improved. Anyway, we recommend to give this a go for those who like playing role-like games.

    Don't forget that PerBlue (its developers) has also launched PK for other platforms and you can even play it on your browser. The game is free just for a limited time.

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    Dec 14, 2011


    Lead. Conquer. Claim!
    Slay epic monsters in dark dungeons or battle the dragons lurking right in your own backyard! This location-based MMORPG brings the epic fantasy to life wherever you are.

    Enter the world of Parallel Kingdom and join over a million players in the ultimate mobile role-playing game.

    Exciting challenges await you. Usher in a new age of peace and prosperity, or forge a war machine capable of raiding the world’s greatest cities! Take your rightful place at the throne and rule your Kingdom any way you see fit…

    * 40 levels with 50 different skills to choose from!
    * 14 unique character classes
    * 8 unique epic dungeons found scattered across a large MMO game world
    * Pilot your personal airship and lead your loyal crew members into hair-raising combat
    * Fully customizable avatars with over a trillion possible combinations
    * Climb the global PvP rankings and join the elite Diamond league
    * Engage in world-changing, cataclysmic Kingdom wars.
    * Player-to-player Trade Hubs

    Download now to claim your throne!

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