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    Published: 2014-03-17, by Peter Warrior.

    A mix of CCG and city management

    • There are ninjas in it, somewhere
    • Abuse of the busty NPCs formula
    • Lack of convincing gameplay mechanincs

    "User-san, plebs are upset. Should we beat them?"

    Rage of the Immortals mixes city management, card collecting (and fusion), and a Double Dragon Ninja Streets of Rage story.

    However, what it looked great at first may not be what you were looking for. Raise your city is an unneeded feature, based only to enclose your training and prowess. As buildings take time to be built, and this time can be omitted by premium currency, it's little more than an additional bait for in-app purchasing.

    Artwork and all the card system is adequate, although there's too much breast because of breasts and little true character design. Everything works as expected, you can fusion your cards, but also train them to upgrade their stats. No surprises here.

    Lastly, when the fighting part comes, it's quite disappointing. Firstly, because animations aren't anything we haven't seen a million times before. Secondly, and most important, because you have little if any control over battles, and the only intervention you're allowed is a sortof mega-attack that can be conveniently in-app purchased if you haven't filled your mega-attack power bar in time.

    Therefore, a game whose premise is to mix several genres but only gets to serve a dull and below average experience. Anyway, it's free, and the downtown ninja stuff could be great if properly worked out. Having a such grandiloquent title hasn't been of help, either.

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