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    Published: 2014-02-10, by Peter Warrior.

    An epic dungeon crawler

    • Above average technical performance
    • Free, fun (ad-supported)
    • Dungeon creator
    • No character customization

    "I'm the shadow dweller, the death-monger."

    Although Rogue:BtS is announced as a role playing game, it's more like a dungeon crawler instead. Yes, there are basic RPG elements such as experience points and an overall fantasy atmosphere, but few if any character interactions.

    Said so, it's a very good dungeon crawler, set in an isometric view with colorful yet gloomy dungeons. Faithful to the title, you can only play with a character of the rogue profession, though the skill tree is varied enough to allow different strategies. Anyway, it has an awesome balance of stealth and swashbuckling elements, plus some spell casting here and there. Lastly, big bosses are always welcomed and there are even some cheerful cliches (as the rolling boulders) that add an extra dimension to the game.

    An interesting feature is that there's a dungeon creator somewhere in Rogue's website forums, something many major companies should learn from.

    Technically speaking, this game is above average in all areas, and it's instant fun since the very first stages. Highly recommendable.

    This game is free, ad supported, though ads can be removed through an in-app purchase.

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    Feb 10, 2014


    "The title was developed with love to offer what is best in RPG on mobile platforms" -
    "Perfect for those looking for some fun-oriented and a good story with clear objectives, and a fluid-filled action gameplay one" -
    "Codestalkers sign a beautiful action-RPG reserved for Android devices" -


    You have lived all your life in the same town and known each of your neighbors for many years... But one day you wake up suddenly in the middle of the forest, alone, lost, and confused. When you return to your hometown, nobody remembers who you are. Something terrible has happened, and your adventure has just begun.

    • Explore a fantasy world full of magic, goblins, skeletons, lizards, gnolls, necromancers, golems... and many more!
    • Lot of hours of gameplay, including a main world and different dungeons.

    Minimum specs:
    • OS: Android 4.0
    • CPU: armv7 1.2 GHz dual-core
    • Memory RAM: 1 GB
    • Storage: 700 MB

    Note: this game includes ads, but you can remove ads at anytime on settings menu. (paid feature)

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