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    SeaCraft!'s review

    Published: 2014-05-16, by Janel.

    Plunder and profit as a pirate on a quest for glory in this MMORPG

    • Tons of cities to explore (and plunder)
    • Battle against other players' fleets
    • Build your fame as a dread pirate
    • No tutorial
    • Pacing a little slow for mobile

    "Sail the seven seas"

    Ever played Sid Meier's Pirates? Welcome to Luka Jandrić's SeaCraft!, similar in spirit and gameplay but made multiplayer and modified for mobile.

    Establish your empire through captaining your ship from port to port. Cajole mayors from over 10 empires around the world, attack and plunder the loot of other players' fleets, and take on challenging missions to spread word of your pirate prowess. Trade up to bigger and better ships to rise in rank and title. Explore the enormous map, complete with over 5000 coastal towns.

    There aren't any ads or in-app purchases here, but the free version only allows you to purchase the Sloop of War ship - you'll have to upgrade to Premium to gain access to more powerful crafts.

    The idea is fantastic - there's a reason Pirates is such a classic - and it's great to be able to poke around the huge map and explore. That said, it's a little difficult to get started, I imagine especially without any prior Pirates experience (there's no tutorial). Steering your ship across the seas is also rather clumsy, and it can take a long time to get from place to place - which was acceptable on desktop, but less so on mobile.

    Note that a data connection is required to play, and wifi is strongly recommended.

    If you've got the patience to invest in building up your very own pirate world, SeaCraft!'s treasures are yours for the taking.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    May 16, 2014



    Seacraft is global yet simple massive multiplayer online (MMO) role play game (RPG) of pirates, buccaneers, corsairs and traders. Choose your allegiances and fight with your friends for over 10 empires around the world. Attack and plunder ships and other players to loot gold, cargo and earn fame. Embark on quests and missions to increase your income. Trade with different goods to make profit. Siege and conquer cities to plunder gold, invest in tower defense, bring fame to your name and glory to your empire. Earn yourself better ships and work your way up through the ranks and titles. Huge Earth map, various terrains, wildlife and vegetation. Feel the wind and the sea as you sail the world to explore over 5000 authentic seaside cities and towns day or night.

    * Internet connection required

    What you get for the price:

    - Full game, no ads, no in-app purchases.
    - Lifetime on-line premium access subscription.
    - Class three Barque ship (early adopters).
    - All ships available.
    - Access to all future DLCs, missions, ships and updates.
    - Eligibility to submit your own 3D models of world landmarks, wildlife and ships to be included in future versions.
    - Big thanks for your indie game development support. :)

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