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    Published: 2014-05-05, by Peter Warrior.

    A fantasy game ruled by a slot machine

    • Simple and easy to learn gameplay
    • Too linear gameplay for non-casual players
    • Lack of overall vivacity

    "Forget d20s. The new craze are slots"

    There was a time when Konami meant high quality games. This doesn't mean that it doesn't anymore, but a slot machine game is at least the last thing you would expect from such a well-known company.

    Slot Revolution comes to be a new take on slot games, adding some RPG-ish elements, namely fantastic creatures and heroes, to further gamificate the already gamificated fact of playing slots. Therefore, you not only have to earn coins to continue playing, but also get new equipment for your heroes in order to defeat every time harder enemies. This double-sided mechanics can make of Slot Revolution something valuable for the most casual of players (namely, those who play slot games) looking for something a little bit more complex and rewarding, but it'll definitively disappoint RPG players looking for something more casual for their spare moments.

    Gameplay includes elements for collectible card games as evolving cards, experience poitns and combos.

    Regarding of technical performance, graphics are OK, but just that; animations and sound are poor and, long story short, what it could be an advanced RPG-puzzle game is little less than a sort of evolved slot machine.

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    May 05, 2014


    We regret to inform everyone that Slot Revolution servers will be permanently shutting down as of July 31st, 2014 5:00pm PDT.
    Attempting to play on or after July 31st will result in a error message.
    Thank you to all of our amazing fans who have enjoyed and supported our game!

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    Travel to a world of fantasy filled with powerful creatures and ageless magic in this addicting slot machine-based, role-playing experience! Do you have what it takes to turn back the tide of blood that threatens your once peaceful world?


    Become a Warrior, Ranger, or Wizard, each with different skills and abilities! Join forces with friends and allies to take advantage of strength in numbers and leap into action to defeat enemies, earn gold, and find new gear and equipment.


    Gain experience to level up your characters and create increasingly powerful equipment. Gather materials to transform ordinary weapons and armor into artifacts of true power.

    • Create your character and embark on a grand quest!
    • Choose between 3 unique classes: Warrior, Ranger, or Wizard.
    • Join forces with other players to increase your might.
    • Spin the reels as you travel and battle your way through spectacular 3D environments.
    • Match slots to cast spells, use items, and deal devastating damage to foes!
    • Earn gold, weapons, and other loot by defeating deadly enemies.
    • Evolve weapons and armor into legendary artifacts with rare materials!

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