Legacy of a Thousand Suns




    The Sian Empire is under siege, outnumbered and outgunned by old enemies with powerful technologies. Only you can save Princess Illaria from the forces on her trail. Should you fail, the Empire will fall…

    You are the hero: Let your skills as a pilot and a warrior take you on an epic journey across the stars and take down galactic threats like interstellar dictators, menacing cyborgs, and psychopathic aliens.

    Form an Alliance with your friends to take the fight back to the Sian Empire’s enemies.

    Play with others from around the globe in World Raids to take down heinous enemies and earn powerful new gear.

    Battle other players in the Galaxydome arena, proving once and for all who is the greatest fighter in the universe.

    Packed with fantastic artwork by the masters of Concept Art House, Legacy of a Thousand Suns also features daily rewards, complete character customization, redeemable achievements, and much more!

    Dive into a long-running sci-fi MMORPG, designed to be heavily social and populated with a rich community.

    Play how you want: Players can go at it alone via an immersive single-player story, alongside select other players, or with a large group.

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