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    No Way But Down is a roguelike RPG in the style of ADOM, Rogue (duh...), NetHack, Castle of the Winds...and a few other personal favorites.

    Control mappings are similar to ADOM and NetHack - to see an in-game listing of controls, hit the ? button.

    If you like No Way But Down (or hate it for that matter), please rate it and add a comment with your rating. For more complicated suggestions, please shoot me an e-mail. Additionally, feel free if anything is confusing - or doesn't work correctly - to e-mail me.

    Version 0.3.2 - 4/4/2014
    * Added colors to most screens.
    * Can use various sort orders in inventory screens.
    * Use button is fixed - occasionally, when scrolling, you'd use the wrong item. Bummer.
    * New monster types.

    Version 0.3.1 - 9/22/2013
    * Global highscores added -
    * Walk command added
    * Various bugs fixed - one sneaky player found a way to cheat death
    * Add ability to examine items in inventory for further details
    * New items

    Version 0.3.0 - 12/8/2012
    Saves will be erased with this update. Sorry guys. Had to.
    * Added a new ad-free, for pay version. The two will always remain the same except for ads. I don't particularly like ads, so I figure some people might want to play without them. New version here:
    * Bigger and betterer maps.
    * The manual has been updated!
    * Map creation is faster and more robust.
    * New items.
    * Many monsters on the screen will now run reasonably on most devices.
    * UI will now appropriately scale to the size of your screen, no matter what font size you select. It will look a LOT better on tablets, though the initial font size might not be great. I'd like to set up some settings to save those sort of preferences but it's not done yet.
    * Prep work for tile support (not done but now within reach).
    * Feel free to visit the newly created forum to harangue me about changes, suggestions, or bugs:

    Version 0.2.9 - 3/20/2012
    Just a few small stability changes while I work on some bigger stuff.
    * Selling to a shopkeeper could cause crashes in rare cases. * Items will no longer show up for a little while in your inventory after you've sold them.
    * In very rare cases (1 out of 500ish), a dungeon level might be created that would not allow you to move. This won't happen any more.
    * For people using the soft keyboard, I set it up so a long press does a key repeat. It makes it a little less exhausting to play using the software keyboard, hopefully.

    Version 0.2.8 - 12/4/2011
    Note - installing this update will mean that you will lose any games you currently have saved.
    * Added shopkeepers, gold, talk command.
    * Added a look command.
    * Fixed crashes when generating a new level.
    * Added weapons for previously unused categories (axe, spear, chain weapons, etc etc).
    * Switched to a more nuanced notion of item rarity and monster rarity.
    * Items will now be more varied in quality.
    * Nerfed the ring of feathers a bit (sorry, it was way too good).
    * 'Open room' levels will not occur too early in the game (as they're pretty difficult).
    * A small mountain of other miscellaneous fixes.
    * Check the keybindings to see any / all new commands.

    Version 0.2.7
    * Fix potential crash with rainbow-hued potion.
    * Fix issues with the equip screen getting wonky with a lot of items.
    * Change level generation logic - it should look less like an acid dream now.
    * Some performance optimizations for levels with a lot of monsters.
    * Ability to change font size is now included (check yon ? menu), as well as an alternate hardware key to descend stairs.
    Sorry for the small update - my day job is kicking my ass. Hope to get more done next time. Suggestions always welcome.

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