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    Shiva: The Time Bender's review

    Published: 2013-10-11, by Peter Warrior.

    An endless (literally speaking) sidescroller

    • Somehow innovative gameplay
    • Graphically could be improved

    "Twist that continuum"

    Ever-running sidescroller games are, no matter how you look at it, more than overstretched, and it's hard to find games actually worthy of being reviewed.

    Shiva, even though it doesn't reinvent the genre, at least has a new feature, one allowing you to go back in time by long tapping the time button. This makes you to not give up so easily and at the same time adds a new element into the game.

    Aside of that, graphics are the usual flat 2D, with enemies' design being better than main character's; animations are adequate, though far from other top-notch games; music is what you could expect and can be easily switched off. Fortunately, gameplay is fun and it can be played for free.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 11, 2013


    4.8 / 5 : A uniquely action-packed endless run & slash game reverses time! - AndroidTapp

    *Epic Boss Battles are here - The action heats up with a second Boss*

    *The Game*

    The ultimate hero is finally here – saving the universe, one era at a time!
    Bend time to your will, unlock incredible weapons, unleash new power-ups and customize your hero with awesome new gear. Compete against other players to reach the top of the leader-boards and become a legend!

    Collect orbs, kill deadly enemies, jump across eras and complete the various challenges thrown at you in this brand new 2D side-scrolling endless runner! Get ready to rock all of space and time!

    Special powers include:

    * Time Reversal - Cheat death or get out of sticky spots by reversing time
    * Rage Mode - annihilate everything in your path
    * Flying Mode - it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the lord of destruction
    * Big Mode - crush your enemies


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