Aqua City: Fish Empires




    Aqua City is a fun and addicting city building game with a twist where you build underwater building and houses, establishments and infrastructure for the inhabitants of the deep sea, full of fish and various other adorable sea creatures. Enjoy the wonderful aquatic scenery as if you were running your own deep sea aquarium but with a vibrant society behind and meet the friendly and vibrant citizens of your underwater empire. Create a harmonious and fun environment for them full of clownfish, squid, koi, turtles and even the odd penguin and many other water pets. The fate of their existence and society is in your hands.

    If you enjoy Sim City games you'll love this city building game - underwater style! Explore undersea life in Aqua City and build your underwater civilization! Atlantis is no longer a myth or a legend in this fun and creative simulation management game where you maintain your underwater citizens full of engaging sea pets such as fish, whales, dolphins, sea horses, mermaids, squid and the occasional cute reptile of the Turtle sort.

    Download and play for FREE on your Android phone or tablet today! But beware… it’s so addicting, you’ll get hooked!


    Build a fantastic underwater city of your dreams
    Be inspired by an abundance of coral buildings, homes, business,
    services and oceanic decorations
    Grow exotic types of seaweed on underwater farms and play with pets
    Freeplay in a Simulation environment
    Fulfill fun quests for the adorable Merfolk and get sparkling rewards
    Enjoy the majestic underwater scenery and ecosystem in-game
    Send aquatic supplies as gifts, visit your friends’ cities and enjoy a variety of social
    Full of fantastic sea creatures such as Fish, Squid, Turtles, Whales, Dolphins as well as Mermaids!
    Capability to play offline (no need to connect to the Internet to play)

    NOTE: Offline play is supported, but Internet connection is required when launching the game for the first time. Internet connection is also required to connect to Facebook and Twitter and to use other in-game social features.

    Aqua City is free to download and play. You can purchase the Premium Virtual Currency (Pearls) inside the game to buy unique buildings and unlock bonuses. In order to avoid unwanted purchases, use the PARENTAL LOCK in the Pearl Shop.


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