Blade of Sky

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    Blade of Sky
    Play 3D war game Blade of Sky as a pilot ace of a classic American aircraft in the WW2 in the Pacific Rim.
    This unique flight simulator offers excellent enjoyment of flying, bombing and dogfights in storm of bullets.

    The campaign contains 20 missions from the easiest to the most difficult ones, where you stand up to armed military ground vehicles, tanks, bunkers, enemy air defenses, airplanes and it is your job to crush their rise to glory. To complete some missions, you have to return to the USS carrier of navy fleet. For example in the spy missions. There is also a battle where you can try to achieve the highest score by downing enemies in dogfight around islands where enemy has supremacy.

    Easy Control
    The aircraft is easy to control to everyone by tilting your device and it is prevented to turn the aircraft upside down. There are buttons for shooting and dropping bombs in the lower right corner. Two guns are attached to the wings and they have infinity ammo without reload. The pointer of speed is in the lower left corner. You can speed up or slow down by pressing the arrow keys. Also there is a map in the upper left corner, there are marked all targets of a mission like all fighters, occupied villages, bridges and factories.

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