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    City Island: Airport - City Management Tycoon's review

    Published: 2013-05-15, by Peter Warrior.

    Both a city and an airport management game

    • Long gameplay
    • It needs more options and more replayability
    • Three currencies at once might be too many

    "Don't you think that planes fly lower nowadays?"

    Following the footsteps of City Island, this Airport version is also about city management game, though as it's frame is smaller, it gets a little more depth. Your island is divided into two parts, a north one where you can raise your city and build attractions, including some monuments as Eiffel Tower or Rio de Janeiro Christ; and the southern one where you're going to be your own airport.

    In fact, the airport is managed as a sort-of city, wherein runways and hangars take the place of roads and houses, Everything runs thanks to the three different currencies, perhaps pushing too much the freemium formula, even when it can be endlessly played for free.

    Although this game is simpler than many other management games, it can be a great way to start with this genre as long as you don't bother about error and trial, because there isn't any tutorial and just a lot of tips here and there. Regarding what we0d like, it would be summarized in more stuff, more maps and better animations to make the city livelier and more eye-catching.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 15, 2013


    City Island: Airport is a free airport & city building game where you need to build and manage an airport and create a metropolis at the same time! Have your villagers build a lot of great buildings and manage your airfield. Find pirate chests! The first game, City Island, is a very popular tycoon game with millions of players. If you liked the early building sim games, you will definitely love this new tycoon game!

    In this new game, the challenge is to build a wonderful exotic tourist paradise. It is a city builder game where you need to build, expand, balance and simulate an airport, a city, and a tourist paradise with happy citizens, attractions, resorts, plants, community buildings and more to eventually grow to a metropolis. Great fun guaranteed escaping your daily life to this exotic virtual island!

    You are marooned on this exotic tropical island and start with 1 house and later will expand with an airport for handling both incoming and outgoing flights. To attract airplanes loaded with happy tourists to your island, you will build hotels, resorts, community buildings, plants and attractions. At the same time you will build a tourist paradise which will bring citizens as passengers to your airfield, so you can earn money with your own airplanes. To grow your city, airport and your tourist island into a happy paradise, you have to make sure that everything is balanced properly. A fun and addictive challenge!

    ** Features **
    - Fun FREE to play tycoon airport game
    - Tablet support
    - HIGH QUALITY graphics
    - Airport theme on an exotic island
    - Challenge to create your own mini virtual paradise
    - Discover various big challenges in intuitive gameplay
    - Unlock dozens of beautiful unique buildings (resorts, hotels, attractions, hangars, terminals, flight tower, runways, landmarks, houses)
    - Attract happy tourists with beautiful resorts, landmarks, hotels and great attractions
    - Manage citizens with parks, trees, and community buildings
    - Grow your airport and city to allow big planes bring in tourists continuously
    - Collect profit from your accommodations
    - Find pirate chests
    - Join the big community and share friend codes with your friends
    - Upgrade your flight tower and terminal according to your island
    - Collect XP and level up to unlock new airport and city buildings
    - More advanced, than a regular farm game
    - Currency: diamonds / gems, gold, money / cash
    - Age independent story
    - Lots of adventure and quests to unlock
    - Collect dozens of REWARDS while playing
    - Expand the airport and city life on your exotic island
    - Play with friends: Enter friend codes and gift codes to gain insight and receive cash and gold

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