Construction Crane Parking




    If you wanna drive and park a city construction crane then this is the ultimate game for you!

    It's not a little crane it's a big city one! Calling all learner drivers in the area, we've got one big construction site to work on!

    Enjoy maneuvering and parking this bad boy in a multitude of situations in order to assist the building site manager! Use your camera views wisely and don't crash or break anything!

    Giving you the drivers wheel is what this city driving and parking game is all about! Can you pass your license parking test? You can if you follow the city construction instruction and practice!

    Game Features:

    * City construction zone 3D environments! Bridge, building, roads and more!
    * Realistic physics handling with simple touch controls.
    * Adjustable camera angles to help guide you.
    * Enjoyable truck driving experience for everyone!

    Whether you are in it for the driving experience, or for the parking challenge, there is plenty of missions and things to do. Grab the steering wheel and learn to drive a crane. Ever wants to know how they build stuff? Give it a go!

    First position the crane carefully under the construction site. the Parking area is marked with a big P. Try to line up the truck vehicle straight and not stick the truck back out. Use the cameras to help find the right angle and watch your wheels! Parking isn't that easy, but with practice you'll be able to complete all the missions inside.


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