drawing "face", let's move Animation !

    When you paint the "face", the body came grows and move.

    Let's upload and share with everyone it if you draw well!
    try move animation together to download a face that other drew.

    * You can select "To Drawing", "play" and a "get a face" after starting.

    * Select the "To Drawing" first, please draw a face.

    * When you are finished drawing, please select "Play". You move around the body grows in the face drawn.

    * Face drawn to a variety of movement. Please try to touch in various ways.

    * You can download the face of another drew in "get a face", together the "play" it.

    [How To Play]
    *To Drawing
    Try to be painted as you like.

    You can choose "pen color", "width" and "eraser" from the button at the bottom of the screen.

    Up to 3 times can be rewritten in back key.

    erase all the screen in the menu key "Clear".

    The one size smaller the face drawn in the menu key "reduce".

    Please press the red button in the upper right corner when you are finished drawing.

    Please share with everyone in the "Upload" button when you draw well.

    Face drawn so move around and try to touch in various ways.
    You can display up to 12 people maximum in the your drew face + downloadable drawn face.

    *get a face
    Press the "Download" button to choose a face from the list.

    *Delete Data
    The menu key in the title screen, press the "Management of face"
    List of face that you downloaded and face painted is displayed and you can select and delete.

    ...You can check the menu key in the "Help" for instructions.

    [Please Note]
    When you are doing "To Drawing", app does not end in the terminal "back key".
    Please select "Exit" from the menu key.

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