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    Published: 2014-04-15, by Janel.

    Listen to shots fired by 3D models of firearms

    • Includes a variety of firearms
    • Explosion animations when appropriate
    • No extra functionality
    • Exploration of 3D models isn't intuitive

    "Aural kablammo"

    FunTech - Guns and Golf games' weapons - gun shots sounds(3d) is a simple collection of 3D images of firearms paired with matching audio tracks of shots being fired.

    If you're into weapons, you'll probably enjoy browsing through the catalogue here, including 3D models of shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles, handguns, a bazooka, and even a molotov cocktail. Hit the fire button to hear a recording of what the onscreen weapon sounds like; do it enough and you'll be rewarded with images of a cracked screen. The bazooka and molotov cocktail are accompanied by appropriate explosive animations as well. Rotate the firearms by hitting the "rotate" button.

    It would be great to see a more intuitive interaction in terms of navigating the models; use of two-finger swiping interactions would be useful here (rather than reliance on just one button). It's also a very simple app, and all but the most dedicated gun nuts will probably get bored quickly.

    Still, FunTech - Guns and Golf games' weapons - gun shots sounds(3d) does it what it proposes to do: brings the sound of a variety of firearms right to the palm of your hand.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Apr 15, 2014


    A large variety of gun and machine guns with real, sound of weapon. All the gun in this application could be rotated. This is one of only apps about gun 3d. All the gun is in 3d model. This 3d gun is a realistic simulator, with shooting experience. In this application you will find a lot of popular weapons, there are a lot of guns used on video games. If you are looking for, guns apps shoot and reload, or, gun sounds, this is for you. Play with a wide variety of automatic and semi automatic weapons. It´s easy to use, just select your gun and click on the button with name "fire", and the gun will fire. Some guns has explosions, we have a bazooka. If you are interested in weapons, guns, this app is just for you. In this application, you get a lot of sounds of shots from various types of firearms including shotgun , pistols , rifles , machine guns , carbines , assault rifles , handguns , machine gun , and other arms.
    # we got a lot of guns 3d.
    # You can hear a realistic sound of weapon. You can, shoot and reload ( automatically ).
    # In this app you will find handguns, machineguns, sniper, assault rifle, bazooka.
    # This is one of only app with a molotov cocktail.
    # All the guns break the screen when you shot for long time.
    # It´s a free app and has advertisement to suport my work.
    Weapons / guns :
    Ak-47, Mk-16,Camuflated Msg90, Mp5k, Magun 44, Rocket Launcher, Beretta, Shotgun, Sniper rifle, ACWR, M19A4 machinegun, molotov cocktail, bombs, minigun, assault rifles, and more weapons 3d.
    Are you looking for firearms, weapons, gun sounds, sound effects, weapon sounds, fire, explosion, fire, explosion, bullets, Guns sounds, grenades, bombs, shooter, ringtones, simulator gun weapon ?
    If you love to hear, sound of weapons, or ,3D guns , please rate this app and help us to continue developing. You can follow us on facebook or google+. Thanks and have fun.

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