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    Published: 2013-03-13, by .

    Take care of the fox and make sure he's happy and well fed

    • Could be fun
    • Doesn't work really well
    • Confusing

    "A Fox in the forest"

    Forest Life is a casual game in which you need to raise some animals in the forest and make sure they're happy and well-fed. The main problem with the game is that is hard to understand its gameplay, mostly because the instructions are not available in English and also because it's rather complicated for a simple management game.

    Food can be raised with a care button and animals can also be moved around the screen. However, besides we tried playing the game and following the description, some of the buttons didn't work properly and it was hard to follow and to get coins. In addition, the game includes a mini-game that doesn't make much sense, you just need to tap on the object appearing on the screen and will then get a gift.

    Cross Field Inc. is the developer of Forest Life, a game that would be much better if the instructions were available in English, if the graphics were improved and everything was clearer. It has potential and sure could be really fun.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Mar 13, 2013


    A fun animal raising game, Now Free to Play!
    Let's take care cute animals and become friendly with them!

    You can feed them,raise them and play with them in the playground.
    If you listen what does animal want and take care them carefully,
    you will be able to get a lot of coins!

    Let's save the coins and get cute goods to build an unique forest life just belong to you.

    How to play

    *The way of take care:
    -Just give food to them,and you can touch animals.
    -Double tap screen,and animals will run to you. So cute! isn't it?

    *How to save coin:
    -If you feed animals,touch or stoke them,and let them drink water,you can get coins.
    -There will be easier for saving coins,if you have more and more animals.
    -Still have other way to collect coins,let's find it out!

    *How to increase animals:
    -Take care animals carefully and lead them taking a walk to raise your training level,
    then you will be able to get new animals when level up.

    *How to change the interia:
    -You can use coin which you are given by caring animals to exchange with furniture or interia.
    -Just set up furniture which you bought then you can change you interia.

    *How to get the animal cloths or items:
    -You can get animal cloths or items from special gacha,and dress up at playground.

    Let's get more and more animals and customize them what you want,
    experiencing the only one forest life for you!!

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