Galaxy Invader 1000 Retro Game

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    Nostalgia, retro and super cool! First there was the original Galaxy Invader (Galaxy Invader 1978). Now this sequel blasts you back to the 1980s to the childhood memories again when games were simple but very addictive. An accurate recreation of the VFD LSI game by CGL, Gakken, Tandy and other companies of that time. Fun for all ages with three difficulty levels. All those cool retro sounds and that vacuum fluorescent display are here. This was a classic and very popular toy back then. Now it is a rare and collectable item but YOU can own it right now!

    • Accurate simulation of the classic handheld machine including LED flicker
    * All the graphic and gameplay details accurately recreated.
    • Full retro sounds
    • 3 difficulty levels
    • Simple and addictive
    • Totally nostalgic and very cool!

    1. Set speed control to desired level. Slide power on/off switch to "on"
    2. Move the Missile Launch lever side by side to aim at Invader or UFO and press Mssile Launch button.
    3. Game ends when you obtain 1,000 points or when all 3 Missile Launchers are destroyed or when Invader captures G-zone or when you have shot all of your 250 Missiles.
    * When you obtain 700 points, one Missile Launcher and 50 Missiles are given as a bonus.
    4. To start a new game simply switch slide to "off" and then to "on" again.

    The original version is also available by us called "Galaxy Invader 1978"

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