Galaxy Invader Original 1978

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    Blast yourself back to the 70's and 80's! When games were simple but still very addictive. An accurate recreation of the game by CGL, Gakken and Tandy among others. Fun for all ages with three difficulty levels. All those retro sounds and that vacuum fluorescent display are here. This was a classic and very popular toy back then. Now it is a rare and collectable item but you can own it right now!
    1. Choose one of the playing speeds (1,2,3) slow to fast.
    2. Switch on power.
    3. Move the missile station lever from side to side and push missile fire button. (UFO; 10 points, Invaders;3/2/1 points).
    4. Game ends when all stations are destroyed by invaders or when invaders capture G-zone and raise their hands in victory (maximum score; 199 points).
    5. Before playing again, switch off power and choose playing speed.

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