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    Welcome to great heroes – fire helicopter, pilots, today is your first day on the job no doubt you have completed your helicopter flight training. Today we are going to introduce you pilots to what it takes to fly in a special designed firefighting rescue helicopter.

    Great heroes – fire helicopter is a helicopter flight simulator with some impressive 3D graphics and special firefighter effects. In this free 3D firefighter helicopter simulator game there are 20 different missions and the missions are all about saving the forest from the spreading wildfires. Your job is to pilot to these dangerous fires and use your firefighter skills and pilot skills to pilot above the spreading wildfires and try to put them out before they get a chance to spread!

    Great Heroes – Fire Helicopter is a special 3D flight simulator game and the first of his kind because this game is all about aerial firefighting. As a firefighter pilot you are going to use chemicals that may include water, water enhancers such as foams and gels to put a halt to the spreading wildfires. Your helicopter can hover over the fire and drop the water with chemicals on top of the fires.

    Great Heroes – Fire Helicopter 3D flight simulator game features:

    20 different wildfires to put out, to prevent them from spreading.
    Fighting fire from a helicopter is a difficult task and a limit amount of time is available so hurry up pilots.
    To put out the fire successfully you need to keep the flight altitude between the 45m and 120m to make sure you can successfully put out the fires.
    You have a limited amount of dry chemical powder so make sure you use it in the right way.
    The game will get harder and harder, the fires will become bigger and bigger and it is up to you our great hero to save the forests from disaster.

    As a firefighter helicopter pilot you have a serious task your job is to extinguish the fires in the forests. Fly your firefighting helicopter drop the firefighter chemicals on the fire. Avoid crashing into the trees or into the ground, also be careful you don’t let your helicopter fly to near the fire otherwise you will catch fire yourself. This is something you need to prevent. Try to successfully complete all the levels and we hope you will have fun with this awesome simulation game!

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