Helicopter Rescue Pilot 3D




    Welcome to the army pilot! The ultimate helicopter flight simulator is here, where you get to fly an army chopper, ready for action then land and park it!

    Here on our army base you'll find a ready for combat and rescue mission helicopter known as Hughes. You'll be flying solo missions to pick up supplies, drop off reinforcements and rescue stranded soldiers.

    Take time to familiarize yourself with the flight controls, left side controls the movement, right side controls the height and rotation. This is a simulator, so you'll be safe until you hit the real missions! But first you'll need to pass a test and acquire your pilot flying license!

    Game Features:
    * Vivid 3D outdoor environments, war torn cities to cold deserted mountains!
    * Multiple missions objectives, way points and more!
    * Realistic physics and handling, with simple touch controls!
    * Multiple camera angles to help you pilot safely.

    Prepare yourself officer, you'll be heading to the war where every second counts. Get our men in and out safely, and watch your camera views to spot obstacles and hazards!

    Game tips:
    * Flying a helicopter takes patience and soft touch. Fly slowly and give yourself plenty of turning room.
    * A good pilot always checks their helicopter height, flying too low over trees or obstacles may result in a nasty bump!
    * Be firm with the flight controls, just like a real helicopter this simulator will simulate wind and turbulence.
    * Park your helicopter safely, on the landing pad. Landing a helicopter safely is the number one priority for a pilot officer. Unlike parking a car, truck or bus, parking a helicopter requires patience and skill. You only get one good shot to land! So make it count!


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