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    With more than 3.7 million's downloads, Leo’s RC Simulator is a really addictive flight simulator for airplane fanatics, real fanatics. If you are searching for an accurate flying experience without the risk of crashing your real RC plane, this RC flight simulator is for you.

    You will get 20 aircrafts when you install Leo's RC Simulator, and the rest you can download for free in the "Extras" option in the main menu.

    In other RC Simulators you will obtain one aircraft and one scenery, and you will have to pay if you want to fly with another airplane or in another field. With Leo's RC Simulator you can choose for free between more than 60 different airplanes and helicopters, and 5 sceneries, and of course all of them with extremely realistic features.

    You will get hooked on the experience of flying in the various realistic 3D scenarios with a 360 degree vision of the world around.

    • A full featured radio control models simulator.
    • Photorealistic sceneries
    • Soaring, glider trainer, glider aerobatic and helicopter.
    • Manage all the RC simulator controls through a very simple and intuitive interface
    • Choose between different airplanes, helicopters and scenarios
    • Customise the aerodynamic parameters of your airplane (ailerons, elevator, rudder, inerce, power, lift, weight and size)
    • Get extra contents from internet (new airplanes, helicopters, scenarios, etc.).

    Please, note that the user experience can vary significantly depending on hardware.

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