Microb World




    An addictive game and both action and reflection.

    In this small world, you need to feed microbes so they grow and multiply. Until then, nothing fancy me tell you, but it's not so simple.

    Make sure they all have to eat well, otherwise they can either die or become ill, and disease spreads rapidly.

    Over there, the game becomes more addictive and complex to manage!

    At first, the game itself is simple, by managing its colony against bacteria and keep more quickly becomes a headache. Especially as the game speeds up over time and that you have less time to think.

    If they eat, they're happy and can be nice to you and give you some gifts. In this case grab them before they disappear!

    This game is suitable for both children and adults with different levels of difficulty.

    A small tip: Dice there's one that gets sick, it contaminates the other simply by contact, which requires you to react very quickly, from the beginning of the contamination. Two solutions are available: the pipette to kill all contaminated microbes, or give them food color. In this case, in addition to the treatment, you immunize during a certain time.

    In easy mode, the game is suitable for children, they can easily grow. For you, adults, begin also in easy mode ... just to see if you can do better than them!

    You think every family (colors) of microbes all have the same capacity? Hum ... don't be so sure!

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