Miniature Island




    ★ Let's spread rapidly to develop the island ★ trying to produce various things ♪
    ★ game appeared to play to make the island of your own! !

    And love to place the island, trying to complete your only island
    And, we go around to see the only island yourself touch operation
    Let's connect by adding the island every time you raise the level

    Fishing there is also a game not only island-building

    Trying to play to download now for free!

    ◆ Game Description
    And love to place the island and building a simple operation, you can create an island of your own
    The more island that level can place up, we will up the degree of freedom
    Production was using the food will make a cuisine
    Was developed in the island can be passed in the trade, you can earn experience points
    More and more to level up earns experience points, let's add the island
    Earns the food in the fishing game, you can work the character using it
    If you increase the satisfaction complete the game, increasing the character of motivation, it will increase the work speed

    ◆ Recommended for Travellers
    - People who want to make their own the only island
    - Fishing game like people
    - Actually to develop the island because it is very, people who want to the development of handy Island
    · Ranch (farm) game is like people
    People who want to view, miniature garden a miniature garden that was created like anywhere

    ◆ About restore method
    Make sure the "ID" from the configuration screen of the old terminal, will restore complete if you can enter the "ID" in data restore from the title screen of the new terminal.

    Lets make up only of the island yourself to develop more and more island! !

    ◆ If the application is no longer running, but there is in trouble, whether you restart your device once, please exit to our app at a time than the task manager.

    ◆ your terminal and Gmail address of the customer during the inquiry also as you thank you for your contact with us.

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