Particle Physics Simulator




    Particle physics sandbox with n-body capabilities where the behaviour of the system is driven by each particle's gravity. Most simulation parameters are adjustable, like the gravity strength, the number of particles, the friction or the collision policy. Some of them can even be operated live during the simulation.
    Set your initial conditions and just watch the system evolve or intervene to decide the fate of the particles!

    -Real n-body physics simulation, pure gravitational interactions between particles.
    -Create walls particles can't trespass. Watch them bounce off.
    -Allow or not physically realistic elastic collisions or mergers between particles.
    -Configurable particle colorus.
    -Configurable background image/colour.
    -Configurable gravity strength.
    -Configurable particle mass.
    -Configurable particle size.
    -Configurable friction.
    -Accelerometer support.
    -Repulsive forces.
    -Shoot particles of different sizes.
    -Repulsive particles.
    -Static particles.
    -Simulation area: screen or big area with panning and zooming.
    -Enable or disable the central black hole which exerts a neat attractive force towards the center.
    -Enable or disable particle trails (disable to improve performance).
    -Modify simulation velocity in real time.
    -Particle-Particle and Particle-Mesh simulation methods. Use first for accuracy, use second for performance.
    -Display grid densities as background in Particle-Mesh method.

    Check out the LIVE WALLPAPER version, it's free and it's also in the market! It will remain with the old version of the app by now.

    Contact me if you have suggestions for new features or found any bugs.

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