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    Try out a brand new cooking game! A pizza game for kids which is funny and educational game! In Pizza Games the kids learn to make pizza in the Cooking Academy!

    Did you hear? The masterchef is in town! Here comes the master pizza maker now. It looks like he is troubled…could it be that he is looking for a new cooking assistant? I wonder who will have the honor of working along with such a great cook master. It could be anyone. Well, what are you waiting for? Wake up the pizza master inside you! Hurry up, and download one of the best cooking games free there is! It’s pizza time people!

    But beware! If you want to become the new master pizza chef you will have to be extra observant and imaginative! In this one of a kind pizza maker games for free you must remember all the ingredients that the pizza chef used on his pizza. Your task is to make pizzas similar to the ones pizza cook made. Enter the Kitchen and make the best pizza with a simple pizza dough recipe. Then use the picture at the top of the screen as your pizza recipe and try to find the ingredients you need in the pizza cookbook. Put as many ingredients as you want and make pizza just by clicking on the pizza dough. When your pizza is ready to be cooked just click on the button in the bottom right corner and your work of art is already in the pizza oven! But don’t get too comfortable, because if you are not quick enough to put it out of the oven, your pizza can be ruined! Learn how to make pizza and have fun playing one of the pizza games free!

    However, this pizza maker game contains more free fun games that are educational games for kids and will test your knowledge of making pizza specials. And how would you make pizza if you didn’t have any ingredients to begin with? Grab your list and start shopping. Visit the Supermarket, bring your shopping list and get the ingredients you need by playing a matching game. Also, explore the Cooking Academy and learn how to recognize what ingredients go together in different pizza recipes! Become the new Da Vinci in the art of pizza making!

    How to play Pizza Maker - Cooking Games:
    Download the game
    Choose the building you want to visit (Kitchen, Supermarket, Cooking Academy)
    Each building is a mini game that helps a player collect stars, 1 000 stars are needed to become a master chef
    After finishing each game, a player wins 1 to 5 stars
    While playing, a player keeps all collected stars which help him to become a master chef
    The Supermarket is the place where a player matches the same ingredients from the shopping list
    The Cooking Academy is the place where ingredients are to be guessed as quickly as possible by connecting stars
    In the master chef kitchen, players must make as many pizzas as possible. The pizza that is to be made is to look as similar as possible to the pizza on the picture
    To be a true masterchef, along with the stars, a player must win a bronze, silver, gold and finally the diamond badge

    Available features of the pizza game are:
    On/Off music
    Choose the language.

    After you make a pizza you can:

    save an image on SD card

    set the picture as wallpaper

    share favorite pizzas on Facebook, send by Bluetooth or email


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