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    Published: 2013-07-17, by Peter Warrior.

    A card game with viewable battles

    • You can watch how cards battle in 3D scenarios
    • Tons of cards and combinations
    • No real interaction

    "I can't watch them die anymore"

    When we talk about card games, we often complaint about how boring battles are: you deploy your über-platinum dragon witch and order her to attack your rival mega-ethereal vengeful angel and all you get is a lousy t-shirt, we mean a damage icon with a number inside.

    Rivals at War comes to fix this. It's indeed a collectible card game, you have to purchase packs either through in-game or premium currency and manage your soldiers (creatures), tactics (spells) and perks (power-ups), everything mixed up with an experience level system and some -yet appreciated- customizing options and a handful of achievements. Long story made short, it's a good card game, perhaps too slow for complexity's sake, so hardcore card gamers will love it for sure.

    The great added value comes as the chance (skippable) to watch the battles. Instead of playing on a board, your squad will move, look for cover and shoot in a 3D scenery, using their skills the best they know. You have not any way to interact or alter the given fated result (it's all about math and luck in the end), but it's extremely fun to watch the battles and see your troops in action, behaving according to their role and weaponry.

    Therefore, a great step forward in CC games. Let's hope we can see more like this set in fantasy or futuristic settings.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jul 17, 2013


    RECRUIT an elite team of combat soldiers and shooters who are ready for duty anytime and anywhere. TRAIN your soldiers and upgrade your weapons for each mission. ATTACK the enemy and watch epic head-to-head battles unfold. CONQUER rival teams from around the world. Fight for VICTORY and become the elite of the elite!

    * Battle across four different combat scenarios, each with its own 3D battlefield and military mission.
    * Assemble your troop, choosing from 6 unique soldier types - Commander, Sniper, Saw Gunner, Breacher, Radioman and Medic.
    * Power-up skill perks to enhance the Accuracy, Speed, Damage, Defense and Health abilities of your soldiers.
    * Unlock new soldiers with better weapons, guns and skills to improve your team's combat assault rating.
    * Customize your team with different camouflage uniforms, headgear, and team badges.
    * Select powerful tactics cards to tip each battle in your favor.
    * 45 achievements to complete that unlock more special rewards.
    * Command your elite team to global domination.

    It is your duty to protect the world from the threats of terrorism and chaos. Aim for glory and honor and prepare to become Rivals at War!

    RAW has full resolution support for tablets and large screen phones!

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