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    Published: 2011-10-18, by .

    Rock The Vegas is a mixed of a tycoon, city builder, gambling and social game for Android

    • Social/sharing options
    • 4in1 game
    • Cool graphics
    • Amount of buildings/decorative items

    "Vegas at your whim"

    Although in the beginning it looks like just a city builder, as you progress through the game it becomes a comprehensive management game. Since the purpose is building a Vegas prototype, you don't have to focus just on how it looks like and how inhabitable the city is. Bear in mind that the City is based on a gambling way of life, so act accordingly to it. Build casinos to attract tourists, make your city up by buying decorative statues and buildings. Place bars, discos and whatever needed to create an atmosphere of fun. Use the casinos to increase your profit and expand your property.

    There are heaps of buildings to unlock and ways to improve the attractiveness of your city. You can even use your chips for gambling in Casinos. There are slot machines and other games mini-games within Rock The Vegas. What's more, the game is social, what means you add friends (by username) and visit&rate their friends' cities and, of course, they can do the same with yours. You can challenge them to unlock all the achievements of the game. Thus, as its developer says this is a 4in1 Game: tycoon, city builder, gambling and social game for Android.

    If you like management-like games, you will have a blast with this. What's more, it is backed up by the developer of other successful games on Android like Paradise Island, Crime Story or My Country. We like their ability to improve game by game and develop every time a game better than their last. Wondering if this will remain so forever...

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    Oct 18, 2011


    Rock the Vegas is an exciting interaction of such genres as «tycoon», «city-builder», gambling and social games. This simply operative app is supported by mobile platforms and tablets. Here the players will be able to create a prototype of real Las Vegas, where night is the «hottest» time: casinos flare with bright neon light, splendid cars rush through the dark roads and exquisite restaurants amaze even the most fastidious gourmets. To be the owner of all this luxury, collect enormous profit and plunge into the atmosphere of impetuous fun – all these things are waiting for you in Rock the Vegas!

    Game tasks:
    - build your own Vegas in the middle of the desert;
    - improve your buildings and gain profit;
    - build more casinos to attract tourists;
    - try gambling yourself and win a jackpot;
    - expand your property;
    - visit your friends, vote for their cities and send gifts to each other;
    - compete with your friends: be on top in different ratings.

    Game Features:
    - Atmosphere of ease and uncontrolled fun;
    - Unique bars, entertainment centers and of course casinos;
    - Gamble and try winning a jackpot;
    - Switch between daylight and night - alluring flashing neon!

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