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    Published: 2014-02-06, by Janel.

    Text-based decision making as a homeless person

    • Text-based decision maker concept is cool
    • Sort of realistic in that it's extremely difficult to survive
    • Ugly color scheme/layout
    • Prepare to die quickly and frequently

    "Just a lonely vagabond"

    I'm not quite sure if this app's a great opportunity to learn some empathy for the incredible duress that the homeless face every single day, or if it's simply in pretty poor taste. Decide for yourself by playing Alexey Goryachev's The Homeless, a text-based decision making game.

    Begin with a mere 100 rubles, plus your happiness and satiety meters at half-mast. Most actions you can perform with so little dough (eating pills from the garbage, sneaking around through the city center, etc) chip away at your well-being. Encounter and sell bottles to build up wealth bit by bit so you can afford luxuries like shoes and maybe a hot dog. Look longingly at the button marked "buy helicopter." Cry.

    It's an entirely text-based challenge; even so, it would be nice to have a cleaner visual presentation of the menus and options (the blue-green gradient on the buttons, for example, does nothing for me). I actually like the conceptual purity of a text-based decision maker, but this one feels a bit too bare bones; you simply fail too often and too quickly for it to be much fun.

    I suppose it comes down to: just how much fun do you derive out of contemplating the suffering of the down-and-out? Find out by playing Alexey Goryachev's The Homeless, an intriguing little thought experiment in questionable taste.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Feb 06, 2014


    • Achieve the max indicator of popularity through your prosperity enhancement!
    • Search coins on the streets, wash cars, work on the plant or gamble on a Stock exchange!
    • Open your office or create your own social network!
    • Gain a huge capital for the shortest period! Compete with your friends!
    • Play roulette and redouble your cash!

    General information:

    Almost every event in this game is happened due to selection of random numbers.
    Every move in this game is equal of one day. Every day you lose your health, happiness and satiety in accordance with the random number.
    If your health, happiness or satiety will drop by 0 levels you get only 7 days for improving. Otherwise you will die.
    Every year you will celebrate your Birthday and get presents.
    Every day you have a chance to find bottles in a trash bin and then sell them.

    Now you can raise your mood, health, or satiety, in reality!
    Turn on GPS and are looking for rare atrefakty to raise ranking and compete with your friends in the findings.
    On the streets you can find a coin, a suitcase with money, gold teeth and stuff.

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