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    Published: 2012-09-04, by .

    Townsmen 6 Free is a strategy-based game for Android

    • Cool graphics
    • High playability
    • Weather effects affecting game mechanics
    • Different game modes
    • Share your achievements on Facebook
    • It doesn't work fluently in some devices (for example, Galaxy Tab)
    • Bit intrusive ads

    "Make a small settlement prosper into town"

    This is the free version of Townsmen 6, there's a paid ads-free version ($0.99).

    France in the 18th century. The country is entirely suffering from needless wars and aristocratic oppression. Well, not entirely... there's a town expanding thanks to a kind-hearted king: that's you!

    As well as some other strategy-based games, you start with just the city hall, and few workmen. The purpose is to make grow the settlement until become a huge city and even expand to other village. In order to achieve it, you will have to catch fish, harvest fields, get water and use various natural resources. That will bring you the goods to build houses, farms, quarries, bakeries, and all that an important city has to provide to its citizens. You will need to upgrade that buildings if you want to get a solid economic growth. The happiness of your citizens depends on your ability to manage their resources.

    However, you aren't alone in this world, the king will try to control that you don't get too much power, and will attack you if it's necessary. You will need to train soldiers to fight the royal troops, or to train propagandists that will spread your word around. You can impose your ideas or convince with them, it's up to you. In the beginning it seems a bit difficult but soon you will get the hang of it, and then you will fully enjoy it. There's a tutorial that will guide you as you progress through the game.

    There are too game modes: campaign mode which is non-linear, or open-end mode. There's also a map generator mode which wide increases the playability. Graphics are quite good, respecting the style of this kind of strategy game. Weather effects are noticeable and they even affect the game mechanics.

    Townsmen 6 has been developed by HandyGames, the developer author of Super Dynamite Fishing and other great and already well-known Android games.

    If you like strategy-like games you would love Townsmen 6. It contains all the basic features that we expect from a strategy games. Truly recommendable.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Sep 04, 2012


    Play your part in the French Revolution!
    Mobilize the population and march towards Paris to overturn the king. Conquer France's Départments by creating villages and complete the tasks set to you!

    FULL FEATURED and FREE (with ads)!

    - Complex build-up strategy game
    - Detailed simulation of the Townies and Townettes
    - Prepare the Townsmen for the battle against the French king
    - Non-linear campaign plus open-end mode
    - Map generator offers infinite replay value
    - Overview map for strategic decisions
    - Extensive tutorial and help functions for easy access
    - Cute Townsmen graphics
    - Weather effects affecting game mechanics
    - Option to save progress at any time
    - Supports app2sd

    Construct buildings, like fisher huts, farms, forges or bakeries to sustain a solid economic cycle. Catch fish, harvest fields, get water and use various natural resources that are needed to expand your influence. Upgrade your buildings, learn new ways to improve the productivity and spread out on the French territory. Control your Townies and assign them to different tasks to manage your settlement in the most efficient way, but respect their needs to keep them and their wives happy. Prepare the population by training soldiers and propagandists to fight the royal troops. But beware the king's wrath! He will send soldiers to attack you and to conquer your villages. Arm yourself or spread your word by propaganda, it's your choice! Show the Townettes that you are a real Townsman!


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