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    This traditional British pub game features 1 red ball, 7 white, 3 pins, and 9 pockets sunk in to the table. All the shooting takes place from one end which makes it ideal for small bars.

    *Each pocket is worth different points and the red ball scores double.
    *Your break carries on as long as you keep potting and not knocking over any pegs.
    *A white peg costs you your break score.
    *Be careful, the black peg costs you all your score.

    The game lasts 5 minutes and after that the ticking of the clock stops and the balls stop returning from the pockets. You keep playing until there is one ball remaining and then that ball can be pocketed in any pocket except the 50 point pockets which the white pegs sit in.

    **This is an early release, so ideally please report any issues to


    *Up to 4 player pass-and-play
    *English (side)
    *Ability to move the ball in the D

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